Moog’s Model 15 app gets to version 1.1

And another massive update from Moog. Model 15 gets a totally huge update with fixes too. Here’s everything, but it’s a big list:

  • The SETTINGS -> SHARE panel now allows you to create and share a music video from audio in the Recorder module.
  • Saved patches, arpeggios and CC maps are now automatically stored on your iCloud drive. They can be retrieved through SETTINGS -> SHARE -> iCLOUD DOCUMENTS from any device that uses the same iCloud account.
  • Keys can now be released when HOLD is active by tapping any currently pressed key.
  • Recordings now use much less memory.
  • Recordings can now be up to 5 minutes in length.
  • Recordings are now persisted across application restarts and the undo buffer.
  • Added crossfading to the Recorder Module to prevent clicks at the beginning and end of a recording.
  • Added a configuration option to prevent controllers from being changed when presets are loaded.
  • Added a progress indicator for tutorial presets
  • Tutorial presets now continue highlighting areas during wiring.
  • Added support for highlighting individual ports, knobs and switches in the tutorial presets.
  • Updated factory tutorial presets to reflect new highlighting capabilities.
  • Factory tutorial presets can no longer be accidentally replaced.
  • Values of CC mapped controls are now sent out on preset change.
  • Added support for incoming MIDI RPN 0 to temporarily set the pitch bend range.
  • Added support for “shake to undo”, which also works during tutorial presets.
  • Added “rate on app store” and “contact us for help” buttons on the SETTINGS -> ABOUT panel.
  • Support for iOS 10.
  • Improvements to inter-app audio connectivity.
  • Improved core audio engine.
  • Improved Ableton Link support.
  • Improved stability on iPad Air 1.
  • Improved fluidity of GUI rendering on older devices.
  • Improved precision of the Apple Pencil as a controller.
  • Improvements to the built-in manual.
  • Updated AudioCopy to v3.3.
  • Fixed stability problems when using incoming messages on MIDI channel 16.

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