The Designing Interfaces for Creativity Symposium really looks amazing. I wish that I could be there for the whole event, but sadly I can’t as it clashes with something else I’m doing, more about that later.

Designing Interfaces for Creativity combines a day of workshops with a second day of keynotes, panels and demos. Some of the workshops look really amazing, and I’m not sure how I’d choose between them.

  • Mini Oramics
  • Graphical Authoring of Interactive Applications with I-Score
  • Performing Sensory Cartographies
  • Autonomous Objects

It’s worth checking these out as they all look pretty amazing. You can read all about the entire event right here, and I’d suggest that if you want to go along you let them know as soon as possible.

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  1. i thought of a little music invention:

    it would be four trumpet-like keys in each hand…the left hands four trumpet keys would control volume, the right hands four trumpet keys would control pitch. (pitch increases as key is depressed, pitch decreases as key is released, volume increases as each trumpet like key is depressed, decreased as each trumpet-like key is released).

    It would be like playing four theremins at once….come on, someone make it please…

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