Animoog for iPhone 1.3 is a major update

Good to see an update to Animoog for iPhone, and this one seems to bring a lot of long awaited updates and fixes. Here’s everything:

  • Animoog now requires iOS 8.2 or later.
  • Support for ‘path-width’ as modulation source for presets created with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro.
  • Support for accelerometer modulation controls as ‘accel-x’, ‘accel-y’, and ‘accel-z’.
  • Support for Bluetooth LE MIDI devices.
  • Support for MPE input with note-per-channel MIDI controllers.
  • Added collapsible Inter-App Audio transport bar.
  • Consolidated ‘poly-pressure’ and ‘chan-pressure’ into one ‘pressure’ modulation source.
  • The vertical position of the keys on initial touch is now used as the ‘velocity’ modulation source.
  • Tapping left or right of the scale slider will now transpose octaves up or down.
  • Timbres panel improvements for easier sound design.
  • Single-tapping on a left panel timbre now highlights it, while double-tapping scrolls to its location in the Timbres list.
  • The Timbres list on the right panel no longer collapses when switching presets.
  • Values of CC mapped controls are now sent out at preset change.
  • Incoming MIDI CC 120 now turns off all active sound.
  • Incoming MIDI RPN 0 now sets the active pitch bend range.
  • Application settings are now saved immediately when changes occur.
  • The keyboard now allows more space between keys.
  • Fixes to timbre list where auto-scroll would overshoot at times.
  • Fixes to built-in scale definitions.
  • Fixed crashes when Animoog goes to the background.
  • Fixed crackling sound when using hold from a MIDI controller.
  • Fixed sound cutting out when switching between certain audio devices while Animoog is running.

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