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Stroke Machine gets its first update in over a year

I feel like Stroke Machine is a bit of an unsung hero of the mobile world. It’s so powerful and versatile, and because of that it’s good news to see it get its first update in over year. Here’s everything that’s new:

  • Equalizer bands now react better to touches. When no handle has been touched exactly, the nearest band is used for setting its frequency and gain. This implies that you must touch the bandwidth handles exactly to change them, as it was in all previous versions.
  • Fixed crash when double-tapping into an empty area of the oscillator or equalizer displays.
  • Fixed rarely occuring wrong Automation behaviour.
  • Fixed possible crash when removing steps.
  • Fixed possible crash when playing the melodic keyboard.
  • Fixed possible envelope misbehaviour.
  • Improved reception of non-timestamped MIDI Clock from some apps.
  • Fixed 24 bit sample playback in 64 bit version.
  • Fixed incorrect LFO rates.
  • Lots of little improvements and fixes.
  • AudioBus V2.2.2.
  • Note that this is the last version supporting iOS 6. All future versions are going to require a newer iOS version.

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A shameless bit of self-promotion

These are lovely physical renderings of the PalmSounds logo were made by an amazing friend Mr Concretedog! He’s been a long time PalmSounds reader and in recent years a collaborator and even co-worker. Basically he’s an all round great guy! He’s made this and so I had to post it.

If you don’t know Mr Concretedog’s work then check out his blog where you’ll find a lot about his work (including his work in Space Tech which is totally amazing), plus links to his music, and also some of the instruments he’s built, one of which I have!

So now I’m just waiting to see if this thing is going to arrive in the post … (hint, yes Jo, I’m looking at you)!