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Who’s going to be at the Beautiful Octopus Club … AC Sabre

You’ve heard me talking about the AC Sabre app before. I’m a big fan, a really big fan. I first saw the Sabre back in November last year when Hari, the brains behind this performance app came to the SoundLab event we had at NESTA. He caught my eye because everyone who used the Sabre had an almost instant smile on their faces, and that’s been the reception it’s had consistently ever since.

If you haven’t tried it out then you’re now going to get the opportunity this Friday at the Royal Festival Hall from 7pm. The AC Sabre will be there, not only to play with, but also Hari will be giving a performance too.

So please do check out the details at our Facebook event page here. You can find out more about the AC Sabre at the Air-Craft site, and check out the app on the app store here.

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Who’s going to be at the Beautiful Octopus Club … SubPac!

If you don’t know SubPac then I can safely say that you really don’t know what you’re missing. Having tried it once before back at SoundLab’s NESTA PlaySpace event, I fell in love. It’s an amazing exprerience. So if you get a chance to try one out, take it! And guess what, you’ve got a chance to do just that at the Royal Festival Hall this Friday!

I’m very happy that SubPac are going to be with us at the Beautiful Octopus Club this Friday (9th of September) at the Royal Festival Hall from 7pm until midnight. Full details for the event are here, and you can find out more about SubPac and their amazing technology at their site here.

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Who’s going to be at the Beautiful Octopus Club … School of Noise

Ever since I first met School of Noise almost a year ago now I’ve loved what they do and how they get people of all ages interested in sound. They really are an amazing group and the work that they do in exploring and experimenting with sound is awesome.

I’m very happy that they’re going to be with us at the Beautiful Octopus Club this Friday (9th of September) at the Royal Festival Hall from 7pm until midnight. Full details for the event are here, and you can find out more about the School of Noise at their page at Palm Sounds, and at their own site which has details of all their upcoming events.

Hope to see you on Friday!

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Hello fluXpad!

Right on time fluXpad arrives from MoMinstruments. It’s an app that we’ve waited quite a while for now, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. So here’s the app’s description:

fluXpad is the first sample sequencer that fully functions by simply drawing the sounds. In fluXpad it’s super simple to record your own sounds, to create different pattern and to jam with them.

fluXpad is a sample based groovebox/workstation with a highly original sequencer, where you “draw“ your music, which leads to completely different results, when compared to a traditional sequencer. The y-axis of your canvas controls pitch, while the x-axis controls the sustain of your notes. Sounds familiar, but drawing on a canvas without any grid is a totally new experience. Of course it is possible to quantize your notes, or you can limit your note range to major or minor scales.

fluXpad has been developed by Mouse on Mars and Jan Trützschler


  • 6 melody sequencers where you paint your melodies based on a sample of your choice
  • 1 percussion/drum sequencer where you paint/tap your groove made of 7 samples of your choice
  • record mode: either paint your sequence (on the top) or tap your notes (at the bottom)
  • each sound has it’s own sampler settings with unique envelope, loop and start settings
  • quantize / unquantize functions for each sequencer or the whole pattern
  • 7 patterns to jam with, for each preset
  • ability to record your own samples with the build in microphone
  • import samples via iTunes or AudioShare
  • huge sample library with high quality sounds/kits made by Mouse on Mars and others
  • lots of demo projects made by Mouse and Mars and others
  • ability buy new projects/sounds via In-App-Purchase
  • ability to export/backup your projects (including sounds)
  • Audiobus supported
  • IAA sync supported
  • Ableton Link supported
  • ability to sync via midi to other apps, hardware

Web: http://mominstruments.com/fluxpad/

Concept: Andi Toma & Jan St Werner (Mouse On Mars), Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein, Florian Grote
Development: Jan Trützschler (TeaTracks)
Visual & font design: Gabriele Trützschler von Falkenstein
UX design: Jan Trützschler, Florian Grote, Gabriele Trützschler, Mouse On Mars

fluXpad (for iPad only) is available on the app store for $7.99:

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It’s going to be a busy week this week, here’s what I’ve got on my list for this week

There’s a lot happening this week, so I thought it would be worth talking about what’s coming up so that you don’t miss anything. Here’s what I’ve got on my list for this week.

  • Tomorrow, the 6th: Fluxpad launches – I posted about Fluxpad the other day and you can expect it tomorrow, which is great as I think we’ve been waiting for this a long time.
  • Wednesday, the 7th: Apple launches the iPhone 7, and maybe we’ll see them say goodbye to the venerable headphone jack. Who knows. I’m sure all will be revealed on Wednesday.
  • Friday, the 9th: Roland have a lot in store apparently. According to them they’ve got 30 new products and services to tell us about on 909 day!
  • Friday, the 9th: Of course what’s more is that on Friday the 9th we’ll have the Beautiful Octopus Club and SoundLab at the Royal Festival Hall. If you can come along then I’d love to see you there, and do say hello.

So it’s a busy week, will it be good news or sadness on Wednesday? Who knows! Either way you can celebrate or commiserate with us on Friday at the Beautiful Octopus Club at the Festival Hall.

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Who’s going to be at the Beautiful Octopus Club on Friday …


I’ve mentioned it before, but expect to hear a fair amount about the Beautiful Octopus Club over the next few days and we count down to Friday the 9th of September. In the next few days I wanted to mention a few of the people you can expect to see at the BOC this year on the fifth floor of the Royal Festival Hall.

This year we have a bigger SoundLab presence than any before and so much to try out and play with that you’re going to want a lot more than one evening to do it in. But BOC will only be there for one night, on the 9th. So please do come along.

For today I want to let you know about one of the great companies we’re going to have with us on Friday the 9th. I plan to tell you about them one at a time, but by the end of the week you’ll know exactly who to expect.

Let’s start with someone amazing. On Friday we’ll have Ableton with us showing Push 2 and making some great sounds. Of course the mobile music world is no stranger to Ableton as we now rely so heavily on Link for so much/

It’s great that we’ll have Ableton with us for the Beautiful Octopus Club this year. The fifth floor of the Festival Hall is going to be a great place to be on Friday. Come along, try stuff out and play. I’m looking forward to see you there.

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Poison-202 Vintage MIDI Synthesizer arrives and looks a bit special

It feels like it’s been a while since we had a really good new synth app, then along comes Poison-202 Vintage MIDI Synthesizer, a universal synth app, and if the video is anything to go on then it sounds good too.

So here are the full details of the app …

Poison-202 is a professional Vintage Midi Synthesizer. Made by musicians for musicians, it is inspired by famous classic hardware synthesizers of 80’s and 90’s and has all the main sound creation blocks you can imagine: oscillators, cutoff Filters, ADSR-envelopes, ring, cross modulation, LFOs, sync, super-saw oscillator and more! Unlike many other software synthesizers at the market, which can reproduce only limited family of sounds, Poison-202 is designed to be able to reproduce almost any classic synthesizer timbre! Check out the Presets Demo video:

The library of 150 built-in factory presets includes famous patches that can be heard in the compositions of such electronic and rave scene music performers as The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Azzido Da Bass, Darude, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and many others!

You can play it with your fingers on iPhone / iPad, or you can plug-in your favorite USB MIDI keyboard into your device using Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and turn Poison-202 into a real synthesizer module!

Main Features:

  • 2 oscillators with selectable wave form and pitch
  • 5 oscillator waveforms: Saw, Pulse (with adjustable Pulse Width), Sine, Triangle and Super-Saw
  • one Super Saw oscillator generates 7 individual saw oscillators at the same time, with adjustable Mix and Detune parameters, reproducing famous classic analog strings and hoover sounds
  • additional (third) sinusoid sub oscillator + noise generator
  • 2x-oversampled internal sound mixing frequency (96,000 Hz on iPhone 6s)
  • 2 TVF (time variant filter) modules with Cutoff, Resonance, Keyboard tracking and ADSR envelope, 12 dB/octave
  • 2 TVA (time variant amplifier) modules with ADSR envelope
  • It is possible to pair two 12 dB TVF to get one 24 dB filter
  • Pitch envelope (Attack/Decay) for each oscillator
  • Ring modulation
  • Sync modulation
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Cross frequency modulation
  • 2 LFO modulation sources with Frequency and Fade-In parameters
  • LFO cross-modulation
  • 6 waveforms of LFO: Triangle, Sine, Saw, Square, Trapezoid and Random (Sample & Hold)
  • 4 LFO modulation destinations: Pitch, Filter, Amplifier and PWM
  • Note Portamento
  • 3-band EQ for each patch
  • Digital realtime effects: Distortion, Bit-Crusher, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Panning Delay and Reverb with adjustable parameters
  • Master brickwall type limiter (can be switched on/off)
  • Two signal flow connection structures: Parallel and Serial
  • Solo playing mode with Legato switch
  • Pitch Wheel with adjustable pitch bend range (2 – 24 semitones)
  • Modulation Wheel with assignable controls
  • Receive MIDI events: Note On, Note Off, Note Velocity, Control Change (Modulation Wheel), Pitch Bend Change, Program Change, Bank Select LSB/MSB
  • Arpeggiator with 6 selectable modes and 12 rhythm patterns with tempo and swing feel control
  • Scale play mode when playing onscreen keyboard with over 40 different scales to select from
  • Voice polyphony up to 24
  • Up to 100 user presets to store
  • Scalable and movable onscreen keyboard with key velocity control
  • CPU usage indicator
  • Volume meter
  • Show Oscillogram feature (can be switched on from Settings Page)
  • Inter-App Audio supported (MIDI-Instrument mode) to use Poison-202 together with other musical apps and sequencers on your iPhone/iPad, such as Garage Band and others!

Poison-202 is on the app store now and costs $9.99 / £7.99:

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Oh dear, now there’s a BlipCase, and I want one!

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a case. I love them. They’re fantastic things and in my mind sort of complete the instrument. Now this looks amazing. Not just a case but a way to transport all those lovely little instrument boxes all in one place.

I’m going to seriously consider this. Go take a look, but be warned, you’ll probably end up wanting one of these.


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Animoog update brings us lots of nice little tweaks

Always great to see an update to such a great app ass Animoog. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fully optimized graphics, keyboard layout and interaction for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • Support for Apple Pencil pressure on the keyboard
  • Support for Apple Pencil angle as a ‘pencil-angle’ modulation control on the keyboard
  • Support for Apple Pencil angle as a ‘path-width’ modulation source along the path
  • Support for Bluetooth LE MIDI devices
  • Support for MPE input with note-per-channel MIDI controllers
  • Added collapsible Inter-App Audio transport bar
  • Consolidated ‘poly-pressure’ and ‘chan-pressure’ into one ‘pressure’ modulation source
  • The vertical position of the keys on initial touch is now used as the ‘velocity’ modulation source
  • Left and right tapping next to the scale slider will now transpose octaves down and up
  • Timbres panel improvements to make sound design easier
    • Single-tapping a timbre on the left panel now highlights it, while double-tapping scrolls to its location in the Timbres list
    • The Timbres list on the right panel is no longer collapsed when switching presets
  • Values of CC mapped controls are now sent out at preset changes
  • Incoming MIDI CC 120 now turns off all active sound
  • Incoming MIDI RPN 0 now sets the active pitch bend range
  • Minor user experience improvements when working with modal dialogs
  • Settings are now saved immediately when changes occur
  • Fixes to timbre list where auto-scroll would overshoot at times
  • Fixes to some built-in scale definitions

Animoog now requires iOS 8.2 or later.

Animoog on the app store:

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BM3 is a thing, it’s coming, it’s real


Many people have asked me the question, “when is BM3 going to arrive?”. And why wouldn’t you ask. BeatMaker, both one and two have been stalwarts of the iOS music world since almost the very beginning. Both have been extensively used and relied on by artists all over the world. So it’s a good question, and one that Intua have now answered.

BM3 will be released before the end of this year. Intua say that they are confident of this on the front page of their site. It’s good to know. It’s good to look forward to as well, and I’m sure that it’ll be eminently worth the wait.