modstep 1.1.4 brings iOS10 compatibility and much more

It’s only fair to say that modstep is a truly versatile app, and is also among the very few that still support the iPad 1. This latest update brings iOS10 compatibility and a lot more besides. Here’s what’s new:

  • iOS 10 support
  • “Autostart Plugins” allows you to decide whether you want to load AUv3 and IAA with the Session
  • “Load last Session on Startup” allows you to decide whether you want to load the last Session on Startup or start with a new Session
  • Preset support for AUv3 FX
  • State-saving for AUv3 (except for bassalicious)
  • new Templates for Ruismaker, Ruismaker FM, Korg Volca Kick, boom808, boom909, DM-2, bastl micro granny and FLUXFX (thanks to Tom Wies and Oscar South for the last two!)
  • updated Templates for Roland Boutique synthesizers


  • fixed a bug that would cause mono AUx to play only on one side
  • improved AUx loading
  • improved IAA handling
  • fixed a bug that prevented state-saving of AUx
  • volume is enhanced
  • fixed a bug that could cause notes that are outside of the scale to be recorded
  • lots of additional bugfixes and improvements

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