A belated happy birthday to Trackd!

If you don’t know Trackd (Create, Sing, Collaborate & Record Songs) then perhaps now is the time to take a look. It’s a pretty interesting and versatile app and I think that it’s just going to get better and better. For now I want to say a belated happy birthday to Trackd and the team behind it.

If you don’t know about Trackd, then here’s some information behind it.

“Trackd is the best new way to record songs and ideas to your iPhone. It is packed with simple tools that makes recording and mixing audio on mobile quick and easy on up-to 8 tracks.

Note lyrics, set a metronome, mix, pan and even import audio from Dropbox to kick-start new projects.

Trackd is also a place where musicians from all over the world meet to share ideas, message and collaborate. Follow your friends and collaborate with them as easily as sending a text.

You can quickly and easily share your music to Facebook, Twitter, and even save multi-track projects to your camera roll for video sharing.

Share your songs on socials @trackdmusic and #trackd for the chance to be featured, and mail support@trackdmusic.com if you have any queries, needs, or simply want to give us a pat on the back for making such a beautiful, lovely, and groundbreaking app”

And here’s what’s new in the latest version …

  • Faster navigation for the quicker-fingered amongst you.
  • Improved the tutorial so it’s a bit clearer how to delete things (just play it right the first time though!)
  • We still don’t want no drama, so we crushed more bugs.

And now a little bit about Trackd’s birthday!

“The other day we gracefully and silently turned a year old, so to celebrate our move into the awkward toddler phase here are some fun facts!

  • There has been over 250 days-worth of music recorded using Trackd. Get listening.
  • Over 115,000 musical projects have been created using the app.
  • Almost 10,000 songs and stems have been made public by the community and have got everyone all inspired and collaborating!
  • We’ve been nominated for awards all over the globe from SXSW, to San Fransisco Music Tech, to Midem in France! So many feels.
  • Major love shown by Apple, with a number of features over the year – thanks guys!

The best and most fun fact of all though has to be that over the past year we’ve seen a community of nearly 70,000 musicians come together and create some completely insane beats, jams and melodies both solo and through collaboration. Every day when we log in to see what you guys have been up to it still blows us away. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep creating, and enjoy every second!”

I think that Trackd has a bright future, and I hope to tell you more about that soon enough, so go check out Trackd on the app store now:

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