SoundScaper 1.8 has arrived

The latest update of the excellent experimental app SoundScaper is here. Version 1.8 brings a completely redesigned “Morphing scene” feature which is the new instrument as a part of SoundScaper and is specially designed for live improvisation with existing scenes.

The morphing feature gives you ability of smooth switching between scenes in different modes and adding effects during the morphing process. With the morphing you can add a new dimension to existing scenes varying them in the real time. But the most interesting result can be reached with applying multifunctional filters and changing the oscillator parameters in transition state between scenes.

Also in this update:

  • New control pad of oscillators in the morphing interface.
  • Possibility to change oscillators parameters during the morphing.
  • Automatic output level control during the morphing.
  • Automatic return to zero option for parameters in morphing.
  • New MIDI controls for the morphing options.
  • Added very creative feature of feedback.
  • Improved morphing modes.
  • Two range of rate for main LFOs.
  • Added option of drift for main LFOs.
  • Added new presets for oscillators.
  • Updated description of the application.
  • Description available as PDF on application site.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

If you’re interested in downloading the scenes used in the demo video above, just go to the SoundScaper site and follow the instructions towards the bottom of the page.

You can find SoundScaper on the app store here:

Unexpectedly Meteor Multitrack Recorder from 4Pockets gets an update

A few days ago 4Pockets Audio put a number of their apps on sale, which was the first thing that they’d done with them since 2014. It was good to see that the lights were still on at 4Pockets as I’d all but written them off. That would have been a real shame as they’d made some really amazing apps over the years.

Today we see an update to Meteor Multitrack Recorder, their flagship DAW, and this is great news, really great news. My hope is that we’ll see some updates for their other apps too, like Synergy Studio, and the amazing Aurora and Aurora HD.

It’s worth pointing out that both Meteor Multitrack Recorder and Aurora were originally Windows Mobile apps, so these have some pretty amazing heritage to them, and that’s why it’s doubly great that there’s an update for Meteor Multitrack Recorder.

Let’s hope that this is just the first of a series of updates for these apps. For now here’s what’s new in Meteor Multitrack Recorder:

  • Upgraded the app to 64bit.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a possible crash when exiting the Online Shop
  • Fixed an issue with the MIDI output selection in the MIDI Editor
  • Added a new Ducking & Diving In-App Purchase
  • Added a positioning guide in the MIDI editor for placing & dragging notes
  • Improved the video handling capabilities using the Video Plug-In
  • Added inline popup Mini Mixer and Channel Effects panels

Meteor Multitrack Recorder on the app store:

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