Hello fluXpad!

Right on time fluXpad arrives from MoMinstruments. It’s an app that we’ve waited quite a while for now, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. So here’s the app’s description:

fluXpad is the first sample sequencer that fully functions by simply drawing the sounds. In fluXpad it’s super simple to record your own sounds, to create different pattern and to jam with them.

fluXpad is a sample based groovebox/workstation with a highly original sequencer, where you “draw“ your music, which leads to completely different results, when compared to a traditional sequencer. The y-axis of your canvas controls pitch, while the x-axis controls the sustain of your notes. Sounds familiar, but drawing on a canvas without any grid is a totally new experience. Of course it is possible to quantize your notes, or you can limit your note range to major or minor scales.

fluXpad has been developed by Mouse on Mars and Jan Trützschler


  • 6 melody sequencers where you paint your melodies based on a sample of your choice
  • 1 percussion/drum sequencer where you paint/tap your groove made of 7 samples of your choice
  • record mode: either paint your sequence (on the top) or tap your notes (at the bottom)
  • each sound has it’s own sampler settings with unique envelope, loop and start settings
  • quantize / unquantize functions for each sequencer or the whole pattern
  • 7 patterns to jam with, for each preset
  • ability to record your own samples with the build in microphone
  • import samples via iTunes or AudioShare
  • huge sample library with high quality sounds/kits made by Mouse on Mars and others
  • lots of demo projects made by Mouse and Mars and others
  • ability buy new projects/sounds via In-App-Purchase
  • ability to export/backup your projects (including sounds)
  • Audiobus supported
  • IAA sync supported
  • Ableton Link supported
  • ability to sync via midi to other apps, hardware

Web: http://mominstruments.com/fluxpad/

Concept: Andi Toma & Jan St Werner (Mouse On Mars), Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein, Florian Grote
Development: Jan Trützschler (TeaTracks)
Visual & font design: Gabriele Trützschler von Falkenstein
UX design: Jan Trützschler, Florian Grote, Gabriele Trützschler, Mouse On Mars

fluXpad (for iPad only) is available on the app store for $7.99:

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