Will we see the iPhone 7 on the 7th? And will there be a jack?


So it looks likely that the the iPhone will be coming on the 7th if you assume that Apple is going to follow their previous patterns. What they’ll bring us with the 7 is anyone’s guess.

Will it be slimmer? I hope not to be honest as I just don’t think that I need that extra millimetre in my pocket. Will there be a better camera? It would be nice, but I can’t say I’ll get over excited about it. Will the camera be flush at last? Now that would be good, I’d like that, but not enough to be buy a new iPhone. Better battery life? That would be nice. An iPhone 7 Pro model? Maybe, that might be good depending on the specs of course.

The big one of course is whether or not Apple will remove the headphone jack. Now that could be a deal breaker for me. A real deal breaker. I’m not sure I’m ready for that. I’m also not sure that latency on Bluetooth headphones is good enough for me to use for making music as yet.

So if the jack goes, I think I do too. Not from iOS entirely, no, that would be a step too far, but maybe I won’t keep going with the iPhone. Perhaps now would be the time to move over to Android for a while. If Apple remove the headphone jack from the iPhone now I can’t see it coming back any time soon. Also, if they do remove the jack then it won’t stop at the iPhone. It’ll be the first step. At least that’s my view anyway.

But there’s only a few days to wait now before all is revealed. Of course I expect we’ll see iOS 10 at he same time. Although I would have preferred it to be called iOSX. That would’ve been nice. Secretly (ok, not very secretly) I’d still like them to call iOS versions after something like OSX (MacOS) versions. I’d like insects, but maybe famous electronic musicians or bands would work very well too.

So there you go. We’ll know all on the 7th of September. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Will we see the iPhone 7 on the 7th? And will there be a jack?”

  1. I was initially shocked but I’ve gotten used to not getting used to tech sticking around very long. They’ll probably release an adapter, and hopefully the sound will be better, and hopefully it will be two-headed so you can charge at the same time. That’s quite a lot of “hopefully”!


  2. I assume too, that there will be a lightning to headphone jack adapter… 29 or 39 additional Euros or Pounds for Apple. We have already seen that when the 12″ Mac was released… you can connect your old stuff, but have to pay ‘an entry fee’ for that.


  3. C’mon people. I think it will be step in the right direction. The minijack is a venerable and proven standard, certainly, but there has to be a time to move on, and it appears that time is now. I am ignorant, but Apple does license Lightning, doesn’t it? We’ll see how headphone manufacturers respond. I assume the low end will respond rapidly and aggressively, the mid to upper range holding back and seeing how the chips fall. I honestly don’t know how this new standard will play out, but I think I read something recently where Intel is behind it. Anyone with more knowledge on this care to chime in?


  4. my hopes for advancements in hardware synthesizer/ios integration have been completely shattered. Bluetooth latency issues, obvious. Less obvious; TRRS jacks are pretty versatile, audio, monitor, MIDI TX to hardware synthesizers. I think there’s a huge amount of options that are overlooked if you only identify the jack with headphones. Also, remember more than a few years ago when a 3.5mm phono cable wasnt the easiest thing to find? Especially in TRRS configuration. I doubt they’ll remove the jack, too essential for most people, who’ll not be happy about having to learn how to use an adapter. The iPod evolved pretty quick but i don’t think It’s ready to loose the umbilical cord that a fair amount of people have just gotten familiar with. Either way, if I had the money I’d be buying synthesizers, ones with actual physical circuitry, not a pocket computer


  5. Even if th iPhone 7 has no audio jack, Apple will still be selling IPhone 6/6s for a long time.
    Lightning adaptors with Audio out while allowing iPhone to charge would be a must for musicians.
    Hopefully the new iPads retain the audio jack


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