And then Positive Grid brought us GoBeats!

Well that was a little unexpected wasn’t it? I hadn’t heard anything about this coming from them, it just arrived. So I thought I’d take a look at the Positive Grid site for a bit more information. Nothing there. However, there was a lot about their upcoming A.I. Drums app, coming in the 4th quarter of this year. What the relationship is between GoBeats and A.I. Drums I’m not sure, but there’s definitely some similarities.

For now go grab GoBeats on the app store, it’s free! Here’s the app’s description:

Create full drum tracks with just a few finger taps! GoBeats has the most advanced artificial intelligence for drums – our artificial intelligence technology listens to your guitar playing and learns your song structure, BPM, time signature – it then gives you the best possible drum beats with the feel of a real drummer. It’s designed to help you create the music you ever wanted to, so now there are no excuses. GoBeats: Play. Tap. Ready.

Top Features:

  • Smart drums: it learns your playing and automatically generates the proper drum pattern
  • Easy to use: just tap on the recording icon and start playing, GoBeats will learn your playing
  • Thousands of drum beats: it comes with thousands of different drum patterns
  • Fully featured: you can adjust BPM, time signature, and drum feel

GoBeats on the app store (free):

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