And then Positive Grid brought us GoBeats!

Well that was a little unexpected wasn’t it? I hadn’t heard anything about this coming from them, it just arrived. So I thought I’d take a look at the Positive Grid site for a bit more information. Nothing there. However, there was a lot about their upcoming A.I. Drums app, coming in the 4th quarter of this year. What the relationship is between GoBeats and A.I. Drums I’m not sure, but there’s definitely some similarities.

For now go grab GoBeats on the app store, it’s free! Here’s the app’s description:

Create full drum tracks with just a few finger taps! GoBeats has the most advanced artificial intelligence for drums – our artificial intelligence technology listens to your guitar playing and learns your song structure, BPM, time signature – it then gives you the best possible drum beats with the feel of a real drummer. It’s designed to help you create the music you ever wanted to, so now there are no excuses. GoBeats: Play. Tap. Ready.

Top Features:

  • Smart drums: it learns your playing and automatically generates the proper drum pattern
  • Easy to use: just tap on the recording icon and start playing, GoBeats will learn your playing
  • Thousands of drum beats: it comes with thousands of different drum patterns
  • Fully featured: you can adjust BPM, time signature, and drum feel

GoBeats on the app store (free):

And now there’s a 555 Punk Console app for your iPhone


To be honest it’s been a bit of a gap in the iOS world for some time, so it’s good to see that someone’s made one at last. Here are the app details.

The 555 Punk Console is a software-simulation based on the “Stepped-Tone Generator” circuit originally designed by Forrest M. Mims III; a favorite among experimental musicians and noise-enthusiasts! This simulator introduces a few minor modifications to the original circuit to facilitate a slightly wider range of sonic possibilities (see app info page for specifics).

Controls available in this initial release include:

  • On/Off Toggle (lower-right)
  • Volume Knob (small black knob – lower-left)
  • Astable Oscillator Pitch Control (large black knob – left)
  • Monostable “Step” Control (large black knob – right)
  • Info / Schematic Page (accessed via the input jack icon – upper right)

Check out the App Preview video to hear what the 555 Punk Console can do!

If you are interested in learning more about the 555 Timer and its utility for electronic music making, you can also check out a free and simplified educational version of this app within the App Store entitled: “555 Synthesizer.” Both apps generate similar square-wave tones, but the 555 Punk Console simulates extra electronic components in order to generate stepped overtones.

Get the 555 Punk Console for iPhone for $0.99 on the app store now:

zMors Modular 1.7 is another huge release

zMors Modular 1.7 brings a whole host of new features and updates. It’s huge, there’s no other word for it. Here’s the whole thing …

  • add a set of excellent presets from christian c. thompson
  • add a new audio engine with 8 input/output channels
  • add support for expert sleepers ES-8 module
  • add iPad Pro native display support
  • new ladder low pass filter module
  • new subpatch module
  • new monitoring option in oscilloscope,
  • euclidean module display pattern info
  • new monitoring option in wavetable
  • copy & paste function for module groups
  • auto add zmModulPolyLoop in console module channels
  • add ch2pulse programm to dsp module (output 1.0 when input signal is changing)
  • bugfix step sequencer module save pattern when > 16 steps
  • disable zoom/scoll when patch is locked
  • add attack,decay modulation inputs to slew module
  • cv sequencer hold current step when knob editing
  • when delay module clk input is connected knob using clock_multi as parm
  • 8Bit OSC with new defaults
  • ADSR2 will auto trigger when GT not connected
  • wavetable module in OSC-mode will render CV input in audiospeed (for fm stuff)

zMors Modular 1.7 is on the app store now, go get it if you haven’t already …

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