Goodbye SoundCloud Groups

Today is the day that they go, or at least that’s what I thought. I just opened up my account and all my groups are still there right now. Perhaps they’ll all be gone by the end of today. Who knows. Whatever happens I thought it would be good to mark the removal of a feature we all used a lot in the mobile music community.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye SoundCloud Groups”

  1. I think this is a tragedy and a huge problem for Soundcloud if they don’t replace it with another tool for artist to promote themselves cheaply and effectively. If not they are just one of the many other music streaming sites and then what? Id rather just use Pandora, or Spotify, or Itunes. Soundcloud got big because indie artist could promote themselves, and it became the default place for indie artists to go. I’m not talking an indie artist with a budget either, I’m talking the real, came from the gutter just trying to get afloat indie artist, with no budget, no manager, which is most of us.
    Ounce again the establishment wins by making a great company that started as a way to even out the odds, play by their rules, meanwhile they spam more than any indie artist could, and keep us down. Whats gonna happen? Indie musicians will flock to the next site they can promote on until that gets bought out. Me? I don’t give a shit cause I learned to play the game as good as them, but I’m still gonna speak up and fight for the little guy. This is bullshit Soundcloud, fix it, or fail.

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  2. I only just spotted this today when I was trying to add a track to a group and I couldn’t find the button. Thought I was going mad… I don;t understand this decision, how are smalltime/unknown musicians or DJs supposed to promote themselves now or be easily discovered? I think they’ve just signed their own death warrant, I for one will be cancelling my subscription, I’ve already seen my plays plummet.

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