IK Multimedia brings us version 2 of SampleTank, and it really is a massive update. Here’s the all new app description covering everything that’s new.

SampleTank 2 for iOS is a professional-quality fully-featured mobile sound and groove workstation that brings the sound, power and features of professional desktop virtual instruments to your iPad and iPhone — without compromise. SampleTank 2 for iOS is designed for live performance and song composition anywhere, any time. It puts over 1,900 available world-class instruments at your fingertips: piano, organ, drums, bass, guitar, strings, synths, percussion, vocals and more!

SampleTank 2 gives you 8 multitimbral instrument slots that you can layer, create splits and multis with ease, and choose from 16 instrument categories for an expandable sound collection that cover virtually every acoustic, electric and electronic sound you may need. Plus, each instrument category includes instrument riffs and grooves, so you can start composing and playing live immediately.

Its instruments and new sound engine derived from the flagship SampleTank for desktop computers give you unmatched realism, sound variety and audio performance: It is once again a true premier for the iOS world. For the first time on this platform, thousands of professional sample-based sounds and patterns can be easily accessed, layered and used for playing live. Now you can make music anytime and anywhere the inspiration hits you — desktop sound and performance in your pocket or on your iPad.

SampleTank 2 comes with 140 instruments and over 1,000 patterns — plenty of fresh sounds to get your creative juices going. But what makes SampleTank 2 the best choice for mobile musicians is the range of over 700 professional sounds you can expand it with:

  • “Classic Keys” offers 73 keyboard instruments (piano, electric piano, and organ)
  • “Synths” delivers 279 instruments (including synth leads, pads, hits, and FX)
  • “Bass” offers 25 electric and 43 synth basses
  • “Ethnic & Voices” presents 21 ethnic instruments and 10 vocal instruments
  • “Drums and Loops” includes 61 instruments in 5 categories (drums, groove construction kits, acoustic drum loops, Latin percussion loops, and percussion)
  • “All Pro-Sounds” bundle includes all of the above selection of 544 Instruments in 15 instrument categories

What’s more, three additional new signature sound packs are also available as in-app purchase:

  • “Alan Parsons Grand Piano”, 13 piano sounds produced by legendary Pink Floyd engineer
  • “Future Synths”, 150 synth sounds and patterns for a lifetime’s worth of sound design
  • “Elektronika – Deep House” an essential mix of 4 loop construction kits and 32 jackin’ beats, big-room bass, shiny synths, classic pianos, huge FX instruments and more
  • All new sounds are in addition to the previously available sounds — the original factory sound set, the Orchestral Miroslav Philharmonik collection plus the Sonik Synth and SampleMoog synth collections. This brings the total universe of SampleTank 2 for iOS sounds to over 1,900 instruments and over 1,200 MIDI patterns — the largest collection of sounds available for any virtual instrument on the iOS platform.


  • 8-part multitimbral professional-quality sound and groove module
  • Expandable sound library with 600+ instruments in 16 categories
  • Completely redesigned Sound Browser
  • Layers feature lets you easily create zones on your controller for multi-part performances
  • Live and Song modes optimized for composition and live performance
  • Streamlined interface for faster workflow
  • Integrated 8-track MIDI recorder with song export
  • MIDI learn feature makes programming external controllers a breeze
  • Play interface with piano keyboard, scale keyboard and enhanced drum pads
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with iRig interfaces and controllers like iRig Pro Duo, iRig Pro, iRig MIDI, iRig Keys and iRig Pads
  • Universal app compatible with iPad and iPhone with iOS 8 and later

What’s New

  • Best sound quality available for iOS — Sound Engine from SampleTank 3
  • 8-part multitimbral sound and groove module
  • Expandable with over 1,900 available sounds
  • Intuitive and inspiring new Sound Browser
  • SampleTank PRO instrument collections accurately crafted to make your songs, and live performances shine.
  • Dual environments — Song and Live — for composing and performing live
  • Interface major redesign, faster creative workflow
  • Redesigned Pads view makes beat making intuitive and easy
  • MIDI learn feature for programming external controllers with ease

SampleTank on the app store, still half price:

One thought on “SampleTank”

  1. Nice Update, but I experienced, that some of the SampleTank library’s instruments seem to be missing as they are greyed out, though I purchased the ‘All Sounds iAP’ in the past. For example Pop Bass, Dark Bass, 900 Series Kit and so on (round about 50 in total) are not available for me and do not seem to belong to any of the new Soundpacks as they are listed under the SampleTank library. Strange!?!


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