TextMusic 1.2.5 arrived (a little while ago agreed)

I do like apps like this, and, whilst I have to admit that I haven’t got my head around TextMusic it is one of those apps I’d really like to do a lot more with. So updates serve as good reminders for me.

Here’s what’s in 1.2.5 and it’s quite a lot:

  • Able to play start from the cursor position.
  • Able to export instrument tags to *mid files
  • Delete text continually by long pressing the delete button.
  • Able to Change the playing position by tapping text(notes) when playing.
  • Added Jumps: [A] [B] [C] [D] … [Z] [>>ABBA]
  • Added Accent notes. e.g. +1 +3 +5
  • Added Flower notes. e.g. *5 *6 *2
  • Added Grace notes. e.g. *[235] *[656] *[2532]
  • Added time signature 6/8
  • Advanced settings for adjusting Tremolo,Trill,Beat Velocities,GM Instrument mapping table…
  • New Glissando Signs: e.g. 1>5 1>>5 1>>>5 2>6>>>3>>7
    “ > ” = Pentatonic scale glissando
    “ >> ” = Diatonic scale glissando
    “ >>> ” = Chromatic scale glissando
  • Two new demo songs “Unforgettable Past”, “The vast sea laugh”
  • Auto saving


  • The “Glissando” tag was changed named to “Glide”: “glid” —> “glide”
  • The “Flower Note” was changed name to “Grace Note”

TextMusic on the app store:

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