RunloopSound arrives, brings Csound to your iPhone

RunloopSound has arrived for iOS, and is universal, and is also free on the app store now. Here are the details …

Let your musical creativity run limitlessly with the power and versatility of Csound, one of the most advanced music production platforms ever created. Access hundreds of audio signal processing algorithms designed by some of the best names in the industry to shape your sounds in ways unimaginable.


  • Connect microphones and record audio
  • Connect MIDI devices and play from your own synthesizers, samplers and SoundFont libraries
  • Run Csound in real time as an instrument or as an effects module
  • Export your creations as audio files
  • Work on Csound with beautiful syntax highlighting and line numbers
  • Preview audio and video files
  • Instant in-app access to the Csound documentation
  • Native Dropbox support allows you to work from the cloud
  • Import your samples and programs from iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more

RunloopSound is free on the app store now:

TextMusic 1.2.5 arrived (a little while ago agreed)

I do like apps like this, and, whilst I have to admit that I haven’t got my head around TextMusic it is one of those apps I’d really like to do a lot more with. So updates serve as good reminders for me.

Here’s what’s in 1.2.5 and it’s quite a lot:

  • Able to play start from the cursor position.
  • Able to export instrument tags to *mid files
  • Delete text continually by long pressing the delete button.
  • Able to Change the playing position by tapping text(notes) when playing.
  • Added Jumps: [A] [B] [C] [D] … [Z] [>>ABBA]
  • Added Accent notes. e.g. +1 +3 +5
  • Added Flower notes. e.g. *5 *6 *2
  • Added Grace notes. e.g. *[235] *[656] *[2532]
  • Added time signature 6/8
  • Advanced settings for adjusting Tremolo,Trill,Beat Velocities,GM Instrument mapping table…
  • New Glissando Signs: e.g. 1>5 1>>5 1>>>5 2>6>>>3>>7
    “ > ” = Pentatonic scale glissando
    “ >> ” = Diatonic scale glissando
    “ >>> ” = Chromatic scale glissando
  • Two new demo songs “Unforgettable Past”, “The vast sea laugh”
  • Auto saving


  • The “Glissando” tag was changed named to “Glide”: “glid” —> “glide”
  • The “Flower Note” was changed name to “Grace Note”

TextMusic on the app store:

Droneo is back (if you didn’t already know)

When Droneo first came out I was really excited and used it a lot but it suffered from a lack of updates, this being the first in two and a half years to be correct!

It’s great to have it back and be able to start using it again.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus/IIA and AudioCopy /AudioShare support are back!
  • Also new timbres and evolving voice features
  • iPad native support
  • Ability to import/export Droneo voices directly, and from the “Cloud” whatever that means.
  • The Aqua Skin is gone though

If you don’t know about Droneo here’s the full story …

Droneo will bathe your ears with rich polyphonic textures!

“Droneo is a synthesizer which drones with various timbres and precise intonations that blur the distinction between tones, timbres and chords. Its drone is great for meditation, centering, and calming, walking and biking, but also can be set up for discordant noise and insect-like buzzing and chirping.

With Droneo, you can create surprisingly rich, motion filled drones which change over time in a controlled way.
Quietly nested in your earbuds or blasted though your stack of amps, Droneo fills your droning needs!”

Check out Droneo on the app store:

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