LaunchPad 3 for iOS arrives, just keeps getting better …

I do like good, well made tools that anyone can use to make music, and LaunchPad is exactly that. What’s more Novation’s ‘Blocs’ software team seem to love to continue to innovate with it, and that’s exactly what they’ve done today. LaunchPad 3 i even better than before.

Now Launchpad for iOS has new multi-colour pads and hardware multi-colour support. You can now tell your melodic and drum pads from your bass and fx, at just a glance.

Also included is newly added support for multi-colour on the popular Launchpad Pro, Launchpad (Mk2) and Launchkey (Mk2) hardware. Your hardware session colours will visually match, making it easier to perform and keeping everything looking in sync.

So here are all the nitty gritty details:

Highlight Features

  • Multi-colour pad support on new and existing sessions for iPhone and iPad
  • Multi-colour support for hardware including Launchpad Pro, Launchpad (Mk2) and Launchkey (Mk2)

An let’s not forget that LaunchPad has Ableton Link support too. So you can do a hell of a lot with this free app (ok it does have IAPs too, but it’s not like they’re a lot of money).

If you don’t have LaunchPad already (why would that be?) then get it now and have some fun. Let’s face it, that’s what making music should be all about, right?

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