I’ve been meaning to both do this, and tell you about it. I’ve been a fan of Apptronica for a while now but this deal is too good to miss out on. For just $3 (yes, that is correct) a month you can get a huge amount, including:

  • All new Apptronica releases
  • Access to VIP-only releases and merchandise
  • A discount on non-exclusive merch
  • Interact directly with Apptronica via a special VIP section

Not bad at all really I’d say, and if that wasn’t enough you’ll also get their entire back catalog of almost 200 albums as soon as you sign up.

How much better can it get? All that for just $3 a month! That’s outrageous isn’t it!

So go grab the best bargain you can right now! Click here, get deal, smile a lot.



  1. Why do you feel that it is such a fantastic ‘label’?
    What services do they provide that artist cannot do themselves?
    Does Apptronica market or distribute the music outside of Bandcamp?
    What’s the percentage of sales that goes to the artist?
    Does Apptronica offer transparency to artist in sales figures?
    What about publishing?
    Streaming royalties?
    Did you sign a contract?
    Any personal experinces you could provide would be very helpful.

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