If you don’t know this book, then you should at least know about this book

I think I’ve mentioned this book before, but I was reading it again today and decided that I really needed to mention it again.

If you make electronic music then this book is a great way to develop your practice and expand how you think about your music. It’s given me new ideas, confirmed my suspicions in some areas and set me straight in others. Some sections have been more useful to me than others, and I expect that you’ll find it useful in different ways than I have.

Here’s the book’s description on iBooks:

“For many artists, nothing inspires more existential terror than actually making art. The fear that we’re not good enough or that we don’t know enough results in untold numbers of creative crises and potential masterpieces that never get realized.

Electronic musicians used to be able to hide behind clunky, emerging technology as an excuse for inaction. But musicians today live in a golden age of tools and technology. A ninety-nine-cent smartphone app can give you the functionality of a million-dollar recording studio. A new song can be shared with the world as soon as it’s finished. Tutorials for every sound design or music production technique can be found through a Google search. All of these developments have served to level the playing field for musicians, making it possible for a bedroom producer to create music at a level that used to be possible only for major-label artists.

But despite all of this, making music is still hard. Why?

Making Music was written both to answer this question and to offer ways to make it easier. It presents a systematic, concrete set of patterns that you can use when making music in order to move forward. It will teach you how to make music using technology, with a specific emphasis on solving musical problems, making progress, and (most importantly) finishing what you start.”

But overall I can’t recommend it enough to you. At £6.99 I think it’s pretty cheap on iBooks, but you can get it on Kindle too, for the same price, whichever way you prefer to read it, it’s really worth reading.

If nothing else you should download the sample on iBooks or Kindle and check it out, it’s worth it.

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