Omenie has updated both M3000 and Sopranotron with some long awaited stuff. Here’s what’s new. It’s a lot:

  • Update for iOS 9
  • Thread priority changes to remove audio pops crackles
  • BlueTooth MIDI keyboard support
  • Settings shortcut button in waveform screen
  • Half speed tapes function as found on classic Mellotronics M400 unit from 1960s / 70s
  • Separated fine tune and pitch controls – allows retuning and expressive pitch bends
  • MIDI learn function for most on-screen controls
  • Learnable controls are Tone, ABC, voice D level, reverb tone, reverb send, reverb space, fine tune, half speed
  • All MIDI controls assignable in ‘settings’
  • Assignable controls (in settings) – voice A, voice B, voice C, voice D selection
  • Hard-wired controls – CC 7 for master volume, expression for master volume, Program Change for voiceband select


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