I’m not sure that I understand what OPJAM is, but I’d like to

Whilst this app has been around for a while now (November 2015) I haven’t come across it so far, or at least I don’t remember it anyway, and I think I would having looked at the description. This app refers to itself as an “Audio Playground”, which I’m sure would’ve got my attention.

Having said that, after reading the app’s description of itself I’m still none the wiser as to quite what it does or what it’s for. So I’ll download it and see I expect.

If you hear nothing more on the subject then it’s almost certainly not something I’m going to be taking further. However, it could turn out different, in which case you’ll know for sure.

For now here’s the (in my mind) somewhat ambiguous app description …

Welcome to OPJAM… The Audio Playground, where anyone can experiment, collaborate and have fun with audio!

A JAMBLE is an is an experimental post, a game or a question where the participants have up to 7 seconds to contribute. The JAMBLE has a specific time frame, and is then mixed down into a completely unexpected track!

Creating a Jamble
It all starts with an idea… Question, Post or Experiment. The more innovative you are with the title and instructions the more people will participate.

Joining a Jamble
Jambles are open for anyone to JOIN. The only limitations are its time settings and your imagination. Get creative and collaborate with people from anywhere.

OPJAM is free on the app store:

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