Why you should seriously check out this magazine


If you’re making music on iOS or on Android for that matter then it’s a fair bet that you’re into electronic music. I think that’s a reasonable assumption, and if you’re into electronic music then I think you’re going to like this magazine.

I’ve just bought the launch paper edition and it is really lovely. I was so keen to get a copy of it that I actually tried 6 different branches of WH Smiths in London, and even then I couldn’t find a copy. So I bought mine online at the Electronic Sound Magazine site and it was really straightforward.

There were a number of reasons why I wanted to give Electronic Sound a go, not least because of who’s on the front cover, but also because the cover CD looked great, and I can tell you that it sounds even better. In fact there are some really cracking tracks on that CD, I’m so pleased that I got it.

As for the magazine it’s great. It’s really well designed and laid out and the content is spot on. I can’t think of a better magazine, it suits me down to the ground.

It’s a UK based magazine which I know won’t work for everyone, but each edition is available electronically and even on iOS too, so you can try it out very simply and cheaply.

I can’t recommend this magazine enough. I love it. I expect to be talking about it for a while.

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