A whole site dedicated to hacking the PO series

If indeed something like that is of interest to you then you need to head over to http://hackingthepo.weebly.com/ where you will find a wealth of information. I’m not sure that I want to hack any of mine just yet, but I’m sure that this is going to happen soon enough.

Steinberg bring us Smart Click

I have to say that it’s very nice of them to bring us all a brand new app, a nice shiny metronome and to make it free too.

So here are the details, and be sure to grab a copy of it. It’s free.

Smart Click brings one of the most accurate metronomes to your iOS handhelds. We have paid special attention to its usability and design by providing an easy and quick way to access the app. Smart Click’s easy-to-use interface lets you focus on practising effectively and improving your ability to play in time. And to make it even better yet this metronome app allows you to choose different time signatures and four types of accents for each beat, including the well-known Cubase click sound. Stay in time — wherever you are!

Key features

  • Accurate metronome engine
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Visual assistant
  • Various metronome modes
  • Multiple ways to enter your tempo

Smart Click on the app store:

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