Video: New Korg Gadgets

Video: Kamata – Trailer (KORG Gadget and BANDAI NAMCO Studios)

Video description:

“An unprecedented collaboration between KORG Gadget and BANDAI NAMCO Studios! Find out more at KORG Gadget and Kamata:

Video published by Korg.

Korg Gadget on the app store (currently half price):

Video: Moebius Lab by Amazing Noises, Demo for the iPad

Video: synth puzzle game preview

Now this looks interesting doesn’t it. I do like a nice music game. I’d be curious to see what it looks like when it arrives.

Video description:

“I’ll be posting an official release video when it comes out. Subscribe.”

Video published by treasurecharger.

Video: Ambient Electro Jam Starring iPhone + QuantumVJ

Video description:

“A very minimalistic ambient electro jam solely using Poly app on iPhone for the music and Quantum VJ audio visualizer for realtime glitchy visuals! The rain was falling while doing this jam on the balcony, which set a great calming mood 🙂 Lean back and enjoy!”

Video published by Perplex On.

triqtraq – jam sequencer 1.6.3

triqtraq – jam sequencer gets updated. Here’s what’s new:

  • AudioShare Import/Export
  • AIF file compatibility

Workflow enhancements:

  • Triqtraq can be used upside down now on iPad
  • Samples that got imported with AudioCopy or AudioShare get selected automatically for immediate import
  • Loaded Kits get marked in the Kit browser

Video: Volca FM DEMO + Novation Circuit + OP-1

Video description:

“Get 24 FREE Volca FM percution loops:
After 4 months of waiting since I pre-ordered it, my Volca FM arrived today! Didn’t expect this. And didn’t expect at all to sounds so good, so powerfull, so clear! Definetely it’s an amazing little box! And with the new update, which makes the Motion Sequence to be actually Smooth and to solve some bugs (that already jumped into my ears), Volca FM deserves its place on FM synthesis history.
Cons? Sure: polyphony, knobs too small and too close one of each other – when changing the program I always touch the Algoritm knob, no external control on velocity.
You can check my first attempt of using the Volca FM on my Soundcloud synths:

Video published by Alba Ecstasy.

moodscaper 1.8 arrived

Ok it was a few days back, but it is here. Here’s what’s new:

  • New sad mood based on Em pentatonic scale
  • Added WAV file support for user samples
  • Added option to use user samples only
  • Auto-play generative engine tweaks
  • In auto-play, current mood is shown – shady circle was confusing
  • A few other small enhancements and fixes

Video: Atmegatron Odytron Soulsby Demo Sound with Midi Keyboard

Video description:

“100% Atmegatron Odytron connected via midi from the control keyboard.”

Video published by Dziam Bass.

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