Video: Moebius Demo

Video description:

“Demo Preview of Moebius app coming soon from Amazing Noises”

Video published by redskylullaby.

Video: zMors EQ balance frequencies – haQ attaQ 154

Video description:

“zMors EQ is an awesome EQ. It’s got all the types of tools one needs for intricate sound sculpting. In this episode I am showing how I use zMors EQ to balance the lower frequencies of my drum loops and bass tracks.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

zMors EQ on the app store:

Video: Ruismaker AU Drum Machine, Using with Garageband, Tutorial for iPad

Ruismaker on the app store:

Vatanator updated

Vatanator updated to version 1.0.2. Here’s what’s new:

  • various bug fixes
  • UI improvements
  • added swipe from edge gestures for more convenient navigation (iOS 9 or later)
  • added AudioShare import/export
  • added ability to save tempo and effects automation

Video: New in Ferrite Studio 1.3: Tighten Audio and other improvements

Video description:

“A quick overview of new & improved features in Ferrite Recording Studio v1.3”

Video published by Wooji Juice.

Ferrite Recording Studio on the app store:

Apologies for the silence …

I’ve been quiet for a few days now and I thought I really ought  to say why. First off, last week was insanely busy with projects and work, and that meant that I could find almost no time to post to PalmSounds. But these things happen.

The second reason came when I got up on Friday morning to find that the UK had decided to drop any sense of reason and vote to leave the EU. Quite frankly I’m still in shock from this. It makes no sense whatsoever, and it signals a very dark time for the UK in just about every way imaginable.

Since Friday we’ve seen the initial fall out from this terrible decision. Fear in the economy and markets. A falling pound, and, most alarmingly, a rapid increase in the activity of the far right. I can’t help but think that things are only going to get worse from here.

I’ve already heard a number of start ups question London as a base of operations, and I can understand their concerns. What will happen next one can only guess, but my impression is that it won’t be good. Friends of mine are already talking about moving to other EU countries within the exit window, which could be as short as two years. It’s no joke to have to uproot your life, but I expect to hear a lot more talk like this in the coming days and weeks.

I’ve been stunned. I’m shocked. I’m wondering what to do next. Stay or go, neither will be easy. But it seems that we now live in very uneasy times, very suddenly.

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