Shyne! Make Music arrives, to get you started in mobile music (if you’re not there already)

And here’s another app that wants you to make music really simply. I’ve only played with this very briefly, and it is fun, but I’ll probably need to spend a bit more time with it. For now, here’s the app description:

Shyne! is the easiest music maker app in the world.

In less than 10 seconds you’ll create music and even sing over it if you want!

  • You want to make a Hip Hop battle or freestyle?
  • You want to mix Reggae, Techno and Hard Rock?
  • You want to find inspiration?
  • You want a unique incredible bass riff or a crazy drum loop?

Create awesome music has never been easier & faster:

  1. Select up to 8 samples simultaneously from 6 genres of music included in the app
  2. Launch the record
  3. Play with samples (change volume, add, delete samples) and put your voice over your music
  4. Share your most beautiful music with your friends and your family

Shyne is on the app store and is currently free:

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