GeoComposer 1.2 is pretty big

Version 1.2 of GeoComposer brings in innovative features:

  • Now you can walk around your physical environment while being sonically teleported to another space within the 3D soundscape composition and also visually visit the relevant space on Google Street View with total live interaction. Your movement and orientation will be mapped directly on the 3D soundscape and Google Street View visual.
  • Enhanced bass management for each sound object is available. As the bass frequencies naturally tend to exist in the centre field of our spatial audio perception, you can augment the bass perception of each sound object gradually in the centre field to obtain a fuller body of sound.
  • You can make a sound object simply mono, discarding its 3D positioning.
  • You can jog dial to any song/piece position by using the time slider.
  • Little enhancements and corrections on the user interface has been made.

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