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The wait is over! MIDI Designer Pro 2 has arrived

This is MDP2, the next generation of MIDI Designer Pro. You, our users, inspire us to keep pushing forward.

What’s new in 2.0?

  • Completely Redesigned Look: Glow. More beautiful, practical and functional
  • IAP with new control types: Image Panels, Pickers and Meters (free DAW plugin from musicIO)
  • Preset Packs: share global presets with users of the same layout
  • New Message Type: Combined Bank and Program Change
  • Variable Tick Markers (up to max 25 ticks for knobs, 18 for sliders) to make more sense of your values faster
  • Interact seamlessly with the Community: download and upload layouts, pages and preset packs directly from MDP2
  • New features for our power users: Accelerometer Zero, Medium Throw and Steppers Without Wrapping
  • Improved MIDI send, receive, and logging to be even faster and more stable
  • A new Home screen put the principle app functionality right where you need it
    Hundreds of bug fixes and optimizations for an even more bullet-proof and consistent experience

Huge thanks to everybody who gave us feedback during the long journey towards MDP2.

MDP2 costs $24.99 on the app store (there is an IAP albeit a fairly cheap one):

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Video: PO-12 -Rhythm dnb Jam – Live performance

Video description:

“PO-12 Rhythm dnb Jam! – In preparations for reviewing the PO’s, I am making sure to use em’ a LOT. And so this jam session came to life last night, while playing around with the Pocket Operator Rythm.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

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So Auxy wins a design award, that’s awesome!

In fact, it’s really awesome, I’m so pleased for these guys! The latest version of Auxy (2.0) is really amazing, and if you don’t know it, you should try it out.

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It’s a good weekend to be in the Playground


If you don’t know Playground (from Hermutt Lobby) then this weekend is a good weekend to try it out. Why? Because all over the world, music lovers will gather in peace around their passion for music with events like “La Fête de la Musique” and the “World Music Day” on June 21.

PlayGround is all about encouraging people to learn, make, listen and enjoy music more.

In order to celebrate this special weekend, we unlocked the whole catalog for a free trial from Friday 7pm to Sunday 12pm. You’ll also be able to purchase all maps at a special discount price during the entire week-end.

So now is a great time to pick up the app and take a look.

Playground on the app store:

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Video: TC 11, Multi Mode, Up to 4 Patches On One Screen, Demo for iPad

TC-11 on the app store:

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Shyne! Make Music arrives, to get you started in mobile music (if you’re not there already)

And here’s another app that wants you to make music really simply. I’ve only played with this very briefly, and it is fun, but I’ll probably need to spend a bit more time with it. For now, here’s the app description:

Shyne! is the easiest music maker app in the world.

In less than 10 seconds you’ll create music and even sing over it if you want!

  • You want to make a Hip Hop battle or freestyle?
  • You want to mix Reggae, Techno and Hard Rock?
  • You want to find inspiration?
  • You want a unique incredible bass riff or a crazy drum loop?

Create awesome music has never been easier & faster:

  1. Select up to 8 samples simultaneously from 6 genres of music included in the app
  2. Launch the record
  3. Play with samples (change volume, add, delete samples) and put your voice over your music
  4. Share your most beautiful music with your friends and your family

Shyne is on the app store and is currently free:

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Video: Moog Model 15 Full Track Project, 100% Model 15, Demo for iPad

Model 15 on the app store:

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Eera mono synth arrives for your iPad

Eera is a monophonic synth, designed for everyday in-studio and on-the-stage situations, when you need space effects, rich and deep basses and unusual or classical leads.
Thanks to X/Y control at the heart and the X/Y bindings, people compare expressiveness of Eera with singing.
While it has modulations for each of the key parameters, it’s simple to use. In fact, for getting different timbre characteristics there is only one slider! Which in turn possible thanks to the unusual parabolic oscillator with width modulation.
And you can be sure that Eera does not prevent you to get your own, your personal sounds.
Eera was created with professional production in mind. The synth has the high quality tube amplifier on the out and supports sample rate up to 96 kHz.


  • no need for external MIDI controllers – Eera is an expressive instrument out of the box;
  • unusual parabolic oscillator with width modulation;
  • vintage reverb;
  • tube-saturated amplifier (with overdrive possibility);
  • state-variable filter;
  • chorus;
  • LFO modulations as well as parameters dependence on keyboard’s X/Y;
  • sample rate up to 96 kHz;
  • factory presets designed for your inspiration;
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio ready.

Eera is equally good for a wide range of musical genres: from techno, IDM and house to rock, classical, microtonal and experimental music.

Eera is on the app store and costs $4.99:

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So Twitter has invested in SoundCloud?

I find this an interesting development in the ongoing SoundCloud saga. According to hypebot they’ve invested $70 million in SoundCloud as part of a $100 million round.

I’m still hoping that SoundCloud will turn things around. I’d like to think that it’s going to reestablish itself as the service we all wanted it to be.

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