Video: moodscaper for iOS – new sounds and effects (v1.6)

Video description:

“Quick iPad demo of some of the new sounds and effects in moodscaper for iOS v1.6 coming soon. Recorded direct into QuickTime from an iPad Air.

  • Moodscaper is now a universal app which runs on both iPhone and iPad
  • Improved use of stereo imaging for a more immersive sound
  • Some small fixes and under-the-hood improvements
  • Two additional effects – an extra delay and a low pass filter
  • Two additional loopers
  • Filter, delays and reverb easily tweaked with a single per effect parameter slider
  • Master volume (pre-effects) slider – convenient and nice for ambient swells
  • Effects and volume settings saved between sessions
  • Effects tweaks and volume changes can be recorded in loops – great fun with the filter!
  • Additional 20 instrument user keys which can also be recorded in loops
  • New user keys come pre-loaded with mood-based samples (60 in total)
  • Ability to load user keys with your own samples (via iTunes file sharing / Apple .caf files)
  • Multiple samples assigned to a user key will be randomly selected”

Video published by moodscaper.

moodscaper on the app store:

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