DM2 gets its first update and it’s pretty good too

Here’s what’s new in DM2 version 1.0.2:

  • STEPS : [NEW] double-tap a track to mute it.
  • STEPS : [NEW] steps can be added/removed when a track is mute.
  • STEPS : [UI] new background on for a clearer view.
  • STEPS : [UI] clearer steps on mute tracks.
  • STEPS : [UI] steps diodes light up during Link countdown.
  • STEPS : [NEW] muted tracks are maintained after quitting solo mode
  • DRUMS : [NEW] oscillators frequency can be set to discreet Note frequencies (Note Values) or continuous frequencies (Hz values).
  • DRUMS : [NEW] oscillator have their phase reset on note triggers.
  • DRUMS : [NEW] In Solo mode, double-tap a track to select it without making it solo.
  • PADS : [NEW] double-tap BEAT-REPEAT to hold repeat effect
  • MIXER : [NEW] aded colourful Solo buttons (when on) and faded mute tracks
  • SONG : [FIX] fixed DrumKit initialisation when a new song is created
  • FX : [FIX] delay is tempo-synced delay.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed bug when Link is Connected and DM2 has a MIDI Tempo Output selected.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed issue with Polymetric tracks with Notes Out to destinations.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed crash on Play with Tempo Out to destinations.
  • Tips screens added to STEPS, DRUMS and PADS page.

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