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And the Android promo codes for Music Studio are on the site now!

Grab them whilst you can! Here are the codes …


A huge thank you goes out to Alex the developer of the Android and the iOS version of this excellent app.

Coming later this afternoon … Android Promo Codes for Music Studio!

This is a bit of a first for me. I’ve never distributed promo codes for Android, but it looks a lot like the process is very much the same as for iTunes. So, at 2pm I’ll be offering up 9 promo codes for the excellent Music Studio for Android (you’ll also know the iOS version).

If you want one of the codes then check back here at 2pm GMT exactly. The codes will all be available on the site.

Video: Blocs Wave | Expand your ideas with Sections

I posted about the lastest update to blocks yesterday. Now we have ‘sections’ to take Blocs Wave even further. It’s another great update to this app.

Video description:

“Blocs Wave is a music creation app designed to inspire new musical ideas. Easily combine original professional sounds across a wide array of genres. Tweak your sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms, and make your ideas even more unique. Record your vocals and instruments, and bring your ideas to life within minutes.

About Blocs
The Blocs team was born out of talent from established electronic music brand Novation. The team were responsible for previous innovations such as the original Launchpad hardware and Launchpad for iOS app.”

Video published by Blocs for iOS.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

Video: modstep video contest

Video description:

“Make a video with modstep and win hardware & apps!

Show us how you use modstep on stage, in the studio, on the train, at the beach, in your bedroom or wherever else you like to make music and win a Korg Volca Sample and a meeblip anode as the first prize!

On top of that, the 5 best videos get to win a nice collection of apps from Elastic Drums, ZMORS Modular, Triqtraq, Blamsoft, Arturia and Sugar Bytes (Effectrix, Egoist, WOW, Turnado and Cyclop).

Click here for more info:

Video published by modstep.

modstep on the app store:

DM2 gets its first update and it’s pretty good too

Here’s what’s new in DM2 version 1.0.2:

  • STEPS : [NEW] double-tap a track to mute it.
  • STEPS : [NEW] steps can be added/removed when a track is mute.
  • STEPS : [UI] new background on for a clearer view.
  • STEPS : [UI] clearer steps on mute tracks.
  • STEPS : [UI] steps diodes light up during Link countdown.
  • STEPS : [NEW] muted tracks are maintained after quitting solo mode
  • DRUMS : [NEW] oscillators frequency can be set to discreet Note frequencies (Note Values) or continuous frequencies (Hz values).
  • DRUMS : [NEW] oscillator have their phase reset on note triggers.
  • DRUMS : [NEW] In Solo mode, double-tap a track to select it without making it solo.
  • PADS : [NEW] double-tap BEAT-REPEAT to hold repeat effect
  • MIXER : [NEW] aded colourful Solo buttons (when on) and faded mute tracks
  • SONG : [FIX] fixed DrumKit initialisation when a new song is created
  • FX : [FIX] delay is tempo-synced delay.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed bug when Link is Connected and DM2 has a MIDI Tempo Output selected.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed issue with Polymetric tracks with Notes Out to destinations.
  • MIDI : [FIX] fixed crash on Play with Tempo Out to destinations.
  • Tips screens added to STEPS, DRUMS and PADS page.

Video: KORG plugKEY – MOBILE MIDI/AUDIO Interface

Yep, I want one of these!

Video description:

“A mobile MIDI + audio interface that lets you play your iPhone/iPad using any keyboard. More about plugKEY at

The plugKEY is a portable MIDI + audio interface that is the answer for those who want to use a keyboard of their own choice to play iOS musical instrument apps or produce music. Simply use the plugKEY to connect a MIDI keyboard to your iPhone/iPad, and start playing. Now you can enjoy using your own keyboard to easily play a stupendous array of musical instrument apps that deliver serious sounds and convenient functions. You can use your iPhone/iPad while charging it. Audio interface functionality with stereo output is also provided, so the plugKEY is an ideal choice for those who want to use musical instruments apps in the studio or on stage.”

Published by Korg.

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