Auxy 2.0 video tutorials

As I’ve been testing / working with Auxy for a while it was good to see it get out in the wild at last.

I think it’s a great update, and if you haven’t seen it already you need to check it out.

Video: Bassalicious overview

Video published by Pants of Death.

Bassalicious on the app store:

Video: TC-11 3.0

Video description:

“There are some big new features in TC-11 3.0!”

Video published by Bit Shape.

TC-11 on the app store:

Video: The CRAZIEST RIFFS EVER on GeoShred

Video published by Jordan Rudess.

GeoShred on the app store:

Video: VocaLive 3 — “Re-Mike” it in the Mic Room!

Video description:

“Get the sound and vibe of 20 coveted studio microphones

Inside the new VocaLive 3, you can “re-mike” your IK microphone to get the sound and vibe of 20 coveted studio microphones with the available Mic Room feature. VocaLive 3 for iPhone or iPad is a complete personal performance and recording vocal studio loaded with effects and features that let you get stunning vocal tracks live on stage or anywhere inspiration hits you.”

Video published by IK Multimedia.

VocaLive on the app store:

Video: iDensity Gesture Recording

Video description:

“Demo of scrub mode gesture recording in iDensity by apeSoft (v2.5+).
Please excuse slight distortion in places on audio this was my audio recording not the app.”

Video published by redskylullaby.

iDensity on the app store:

Video: K-Mix Field Recording with iOS

Video description:

“We took K-Mix down to the tracks to test out iOS in the field. We recorded a train passing with 6 mics using Cubasis on an iPad.”

Video published by Keith McMillen Instruments.

Blocs Wave 6.0 brings new ‘sections’ feature


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Blocs Wave and keeps on getting better and better as a really accessibly and immediate app for getting musical ideas down. With version 6 they’ve hit the nail on the head again.

Blocs Wave now lets you build bigger ideas. Pads are grouped into sections, which can be used to create new ideas or try variations. Swipe left or right to change section in real-time. You can also copy and paste sections to quickly try different variations of an idea.

Highlight Features

  • New sections feature – 6 sections in total, each with 8 pads
  • Jam your sections – Swipe between sections in real-time
  • Create variations – Try different ideas by copying and pasting sections

Other Improvements

  • Fixed occasional crash when switching session
  • Various minor fixes

Video: Fugue Machine, AUM, Mersenne, Laplace, Lorentz, Cassini, MIDI Set Up

Video description:

Fugue Machine, AUM, Mersenne, Laplace, Lorentz, Cassini, MIDI Set Up”

Video published by the SoundTestRoom.

Video: Crystal Synth XT Audiobus recording

Video description:

“Demonstration of recording Crystal Synth XT into Cubasis using Audiobus.”

Video published by greenoakcrystal’s channel.

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