Recollections of PalmSounds: Matt from NanoStudio

I’ve known Matt for some time now and I still remember when NanoStudio came out. I think we were all blown away by that. Here’s how Matt remembers PalmSounds:

“In 2009 I gave up my day job and decided to try and make an audio app for this thing which hadn’t around long called an iPhone, which was like this amazing miniature pocket computer that also did phone calls. Shortly after starting development I discovered Palm Sounds, which not only was a blog about music making software but a blog about music making software on mobile devices. This seemed so niche that I recall being surprised that it even existed, until I remembered you can find any old weirdos on the internet if you look hard enough. It was still fairly early days for iOS – no MIDI connectivity and iPad was (is) just a silly word, but there was at least the iPod Touch which didn’t pester you or its own battery with the annoying phone call bit. I learnt from Ashley’s site that you couldn’t be considered a true pioneer of musical road-warrioring unless your weapon of choice back in the day was Bhajis Loops running on a late model Palm OS device. I felt suitably humbled at being so late to the party.

Times moved on, and with the scene changing rapidly I think it was around 2012 that Ashley publicly announced he was going to close down Palm Sounds. I had every sympathy. I’d had my own first experience of running a forum for the last couple of years, and although it was fun most of the time, it could also take its toll. It can take a lot of time and energy and Ashley was doing this alongside his day job and family just for the fun of it, which was no mean feat. Impressively, Ashley then had a rethink about what he really wanted, went back on his announcement, re-invented the format and here we are today – respect!

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting up with Ashley a couple of times. Turns out he’s a nice bloke with a genuine interest, who’d have thought! Congratulations on 10 years fella!”

Thanks Matt! NanoStudio is still the go to app of choice for many of us on iOS. Long may it remain that way!


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