Recollections of PalmSounds: Mark from Moo Cow Music

Mark from Moo Cow was one of if not the first to put together a music app on iOS, not just before it was called iOS, but before there were even apps on the iPhone. So it’s really fitting to end this month of celebrations for PalmSounds turning 10 years old with a comment from him:

“Well done on reaching such an impressive milestone, which is scary as now I realise I’ve been reading your blog daily for eight of those years! It’s been my place to go for industry news and has kept me somewhat sane through the development of Pianist Pro and Looptical. I hope you keep the site around even when you inevitably move on to bigger things as it has become a great history of mobile music development. For my own little bit of that history, I found your blog entry on the 2008 WWDC:

Although now we have huge corporations developing branded app versions of their synths and sequencers, back at the start there were just a few solo developers tinkering with undocumented APIs and giving our apps away for free. Even the users of our apps were just random unknowns, equally excited by the promise of a new way of making music. This video from 2008 by iBand ( has to date 7 million views, and 16,000 comments, with most of the early comments were declaring it a fake because people simply could not believe you could play live music on phones. It was videos such as this that drove me to create ever more complex musical instruments for pioneers such as iBand to use. Making virtual instruments has also driven me as an amateur musician to push my own boundaries, as you can see by comparing a couple of demo videos i recorded over the years:-

Feb 2008: Coldplay Clocks on iAno (early version of Pianist)
Sep 2013: Nessum Dorma on Looptical

I’ve had a lot of amazing musicians use my apps, but by far my favourite has to be the SoftBank Dog ( Only the Japanese would advertise a mobile provider with a dog playing a tiny piano on a phone.

Good luck for the future and keep up the great work!”

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