Recollections of PalmSounds: Marcus from


I’ve been a long time fan of what Marcus has been doing, so getting this was wonderful.

“In 2010, I realized that there was a thing called Mobile Music. It happened when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world and someone played some notes on the screen using one of the first music apps. I wanted to learn more about it and found PalmSounds. And the blog was talking about music on mobile devices looong before the iPad! I went crazy about it and started to read PalmSounds every day, bought my iPad, hundreds of apps and created the blog, the first to talk about Mobile Music in Brazil.

I also started a YouTube channel with some videos about music apps and I remember that I became really happy when I saw one of my videos posted on Palm Sounds for the first time.

One day, In the very beginning of my blog, I was really depressed about it. I felt like nobody was reading what I was writing (and I was writing a lot!). Almost no comments at all. I talked to Ashley on Facebook about it and he said something like “Don’t give up. You think nobody is reading, but it’s not true. Time will pass and visitors will grow. Just keep your great work!”. I decided to listen to his advice and wonderful things happened latter. And I had the chance to thank Ashley in person when I was in London in 2013.

Happy birthday and thank you, Palm Sounds!”

And meeting Marcus back in 2013 was just great. One day I hope I’ll be able to visit him too.


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