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Video: Palmsounds 10 year anniversary – haQ attaQ celebrates

This made me laugh out load! Thanks so much for doing this Jakob, I really appreciate your kindness.

Video description:

“ turns 10 and this is my tribute!”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

Video: Blocs Wave: Day off in Vienna

Video description:

“I was on SuperBooth this year for creating video content. More gear news will coming soon. Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my content:

Today, I had a day off in Vienna and I visited a nice park where I experiment a bit with Blocs Wave. This is my result and must say: I love the way how you can create very easy new songs.”

Video published by Synth Anatomy.

Blocs Wave on the app store:

modstep is small, perfectly formed and has some very cool new templates

Here’s what’s new …

A smaller update containing mainly bugfixes and a bunch of new Templates:

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to IAA apps stopping playback after a while.
  • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to change the recording status after loading / creating a session.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to automations being deleted when recording.
  • the ADSR Pickers on the Sampler & Synth can now be recorded and automated again.
  • iOS 7 support is back (we recommend updating to iOS 9)
  • IAA apps that are not currently loaded are shown with a grey icon again.
  • Added the possibility to start & stop the selected clip via the clip button in the main menu bar. To access the quick access window to jump to different clips, a long tap is required.
  • A track that is being soloed will not send a global note-off upon soloing anymore.
  • Added new Templates for Korg Gadgets (thanks GoNeKrAzY!), Novation Circuit, Moog Model 15, Shoom and Korg Volca FM

modstep on the app store:

Video: Let’s Play with Fugue Machine

Video description:

“Fugue Machine is a unique sequencer that lets you quickly develop rich melodies in a highly interactive interface. It’s a lot of fun, so Let’s Play with it! If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:

Video published by Tim Webb.

Fugue Machine on the app store:

Chronium (universal) arrives

Well this looks pretty interesting …

Chronium is a sequencer/synthesizer app for creating, recording, and sharing complex melodies simply by a few finger touches.

The main user interface consists of a fingerboard and a control bar. Touch the fingerboard to start, stop, or modify a voice. The horizontal axis of the fingerboard corresponds to different frequencies, similar to a guitar fingerboard. The vertical axis corresponds to different sounds and rhythm patterns which you can configure. When a voice is playing, the corresponding rhythm pattern is shown as a loop around the touch position, along with the red play cursor. On 3D Touch devices (for example iPhone 6S), the pressure applied to the fingerboard affects the sound by changing filter parameters or modulation depths. On other devices, the same parameters are controlled by an estimate of the surface touched by your finger.

The rhythm patterns are produced by thresholding a weighted sum of binary signals. The weights and thresholds can be set using sliders in the pattern editing interface. 7 basic binary signals are available with periodicities ranging from whole notes to sixty-fourth notes. 5 thresholds are used to determine the timing of the notes, the octave, and whether the notes should be accented or not. The weights and thresholds can be set for 3 different locations along the vertical axis of the fingerboard. Patterns in intermediate locations are obtained by interpolating the weights and thresholds.

Up to 7 different sounds can be placed on the fingerboard and sounds in intermediate locations are obtained by morphing between the two nearest sounds. For this app, an advanced virtual analog sound synthesis engine was developed to enable morphing between classic analog and FM synth sounds.

On devices with an A7 processor or higher (iPhone 5S or higher, iPad Air or higher, iPod Touch 6th Gen or higher), you can record what you are playing as a video and share it on social media, via email, or to the device’s camera roll.

With version 1.1 you can share your Chronium performance as a video to social networks, by email, or to your camera roll.

Chronium costs $4.99 on the app store now:

Video: Auria Pro: Mixer Overview

Video description:

“A brief overview of the Mixer section in Auria Pro.”

Video published by WaveMachine Labs

Auria Pro on the app store:

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