So that was ten years, what comes next?

This is my final post for today, and I thought it would be good to take a quick look at the future and maybe give you three things that I think will be important in the next ten years.

I’m sure you can guess at least two of these, but I’ll explain what I’m thinking about anyway.

Firstly, wearables:

Whether it’s smartwatches or bracelets or something completely different, I think that wearable computing and how it interacts with smartphones or tablets will get better in the next ten years. I think that the relationship between these two kinds of devices will start to be exploited for creating music and that could be really exciting. To date very little has happened. There have been a few experiments with the Apple watch and a lot of people have said that this is a dead end. However, I’d remind them that people said the same about making music on a smartphone and look where we are now.

Secondly, modular things:

By this I don’t mean modular synths but modular devices in some form. I’m pleased that people are experimenting with this stuff at the moment but I think there is a very long way to go to get it right. For now the designs are missing something important and I don’t think that any of the current market entrants have got it right, but someone will and that will be exciting for mobile.

Lastly, bots:

This is another area that is getting a lot of interest generally and so far very little in terms of music creation, but I think it will and when it does it will be really cool. Siri for your synth maybe? Possibly, but I expect it to be something much more innovative. The idea of bots and AI inside music tech, whether it be apps or something else entirely, is a truly exciting field and I believe that we’ll see some very unusual developments here in the next few years.

So that’s it from me for today. Thanks for staying with me, and thanks for being a part of PalmSounds over the last ten years!

One thought on “So that was ten years, what comes next?”

  1. I’d like several AI band mates please: drummer, bassist, guitarist and singer. I’m hoping Siri will be the new lead singer ‘cuz I think she’s smokin’ hot. But even if they are better musicians than me, I still want to be leader of the band. ‘Cuz it’s my iPhone.


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