Moments in Mobile Music: 5 – The iPad

To say that the ipad has changed mobile music would be an understatement. If the iPhone was profound the ipad was and is bigger. I think that the ipad has taken the world of mobile music even further if that was possible. In some ways I like to think of it like this. The iPhone showed us what was possible what you could do on a mobile device, and then the ipad showed us that it could be done better and in an even more professional way.

I can remember when the ipad first arrived, there was such a buzz. I can recall that people were desperate for stories about even the most banal unboxing. Every day new apps either went universal or brought out a specific ipad version. Developers were trying and refining new ideas all the time. It was very exciting as it goes.

Of course things have slowed down a lot since those heady days. But the ipad is still the go to device for a lot of people. I know that for a lot of people the ipad is what mobile music is all about. I can understand that, it makes a lot of sense actually even if it isn’t exactly the same for me. Even though I’m actually writing this on my ipad. I think that the ipad has done a tremendous amount for bringing people into music making and showing just what you can do with a tablet device. I remember when the Gorillaz made their album with ipad apps. It was a revelation to a lot of people and paved the way for a lot of other artists to do similar projects. No of course it isn’t unusual to see an ipad on stage at a gig. It doesn’t really make news any more. We’ve become mainstream in many ways and that was because of the ipad in my view.

So the ipad is a very significant moment in mobile music and many would argue with me that it is possibly the most important so far. Maybe. Maybe I’d agree with the so far part anyway.

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