In ten years what have we learnt

It’s time to round off today with a couple of final posts about where we have got to and where is next. The images above are all from the project I’ve worked on for a long time now called SoundLab. It’s something that’s really important to me and it has taught me a great deal about music, about technology, and about what works and what doesn’t.

For me the one thing that the world of mobile music has done is increase accessibility to making music. In my view that can only ever be a good thing. People will argue that isn’t for a variety of reasons, but I don’t buy that at all. Getting people to be creative and to experience the joy of making music is a positive force and it always will be.

It makes me think about the interview I did with Disquiet. Marc came up with this equation:

Accessibility + Immediacy = Joy.

That still works for me, and if the technology doesn’t fit this it needs to be re-thought.

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