Video: Teenage Engineering PO-12 & Korg Volca Sync Tutorial

Video description:

“In this tutorial I’ll show you how to slave a Teenage Engineering PO-12 with any of the Kolg Volca series. The Teenage Engineering PO-12 & Korg Volca series make a great combo for any electronic musician who is into hardware but on a tight budget. Syncing the Teenage Engineering PO-12 and Korg Volca series is very easy and takes only a few steps. This short tutorial will tell you everything you need to know. Many more tutorials are on the way so please subscribe.”

Video published by Todd Smith.

Video: DM2 drum synth

Video description:

“”Fabulous” !!! DM2 drum synth”

Video published by Pants of Death.

DM2 on the app store:

Recollections of PalmSounds: Chris Sutton – Easy Ear Training

Over the years I’ve met a huge number of people who make music apps, but Chris has a very different perspective indeed. Chris runs Easy Ear Training, which has a range of products for musicians to help us to improve how we hear so that we can be better musicians. There’s some really great stuff there and I suggest you take a look. Easy Ear also have a range of very useful apps like SingTrue, Relative Pitch, Music Monde, Tone Deaf Test, and Easy Ear Training which is a massive resource base in a single app.

So it was lovely to get this from him:

“Congratulations to PalmSounds on reaching this ten-year milestone! It’s amazing to think how far the mobile music-making scene has come in ten years, and PalmSounds has been there every step of the way. There’s simply no better source for the latest music apps news. Ashley, you do a terrific service to the community. Please keep up the good work, and here’s to the next decade of PalmSounds!”

That’s a lovely message from Chris, and you can hear it here in his own words …

Video: CS2.1 “SETS” demo

Video description:

“CS2.1 is out now introducing “SETS”! Watch this detailed tutorial to find out how it works!”

Video published by MrRonZimmer.

Chaios Synth 2 on the app store:

Video: FingerBeat – Performance Demo [ Kill Kode ]

Video description:

“Performance Demo of FingerBeat for iOS featuring:

  • Using Pads
  • Scratch over your original beat using TapeRecord”

Video published by FingerStudio.

FingerBeat on the app store:

Recollections of PalmSounds: Chris Rice, Holderness Media

I think that most of you will know Holderness Media and Chris Rice. Holdnerness have consistently put out great FX apps like Echo Pad, Swoopster, Crystalline, Stereo Designer, Johnny and Caramel, that have added to the set ups of a lot of mobile musicians. So it was great to get this message from Chris:

“Palm Sounds is and always has been a pioneer for mobile music making, way before most people took it seriously. I remember reading about Little Sound DJ for Gameboy and Bhajis Loops well before the original iPhone was released, let alone the iPad!

Once iOS music began to truly take hold after the launch of the iPad, Palm Sounds was a tremendous help to push the whole scene forward by covering all the latest app releases, tech and any new audio related advancements on the iOS platform. 
I fondly remember the excitement I felt seeing my first apps get mentioned on Palm Sounds, it was such a great feeling after being a reader for years. Thanks for everything you’ve done for iOS and the mobile music scene!”

Video: Moog Mother 32 + Crystalline app minimal jam

Video description:

“Fun little improv with the Mother-32 running through Crystalline app and Volca Beats running through Echo Pad app. Live stereo mix recorded direct from mixer into Apollo Twin, no post processing aside from normalization of the stereo file. Mother-32 connected to iPad and Volca connected to iPhone using 2 Apogee Jam interfaces.”

Video published by HoldernessMedia.

Crystalline on the app store:


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