Recollections of PalmSounds: Alex Matheu

Many of you will know Alex Matheu from his excellent apps GlitchBreaks and Sliver. Sliver is a personal favourite of mine actually. So it was great to get these words from Alex …

“In 2009 I got an iPhone 3G, and being a musician, naturally I wanted to see what my new device could do. I started buying apps randomly, and started putting together songs on the go. This was quite a revelation to me, that I could write music away from my studio. A few months later I looked for like minded individuals and communities, and came across a little site named Palm Sounds. It was different, instead of just being slight bits of stale information, this site was healthy, packed with fresh news about this new music scene every day, and run by an incredible individual, Ashley Elsdon. Palm Sounds has run an incredible, indispensable corner stone of the mobile music app scene for 10 years now, 10 years! What an outstanding achievement.

Palm Sounds has been a daily routine for me, like reading the morning paper ever since I discovered it in 2009. Over the years I have started blogging, and developing apps as well, which has led me to be fortunate enough to get to know Ashley. He is super passionate about what he does, and is committed to bringing fantastic content to you, and contributing in many ways to the mobile music scene. I would like to commend Ashley and Palm Sounds for being here for us for the past 10 years, and I look forward to the next 10!

Happy 10th Birthday Palm Sounds!”

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