Recollections of PalmSounds: The Gestrument team (and a something more …)

It is somewhat overwhelming to get all of these comments from such a wide range of people the the mobile music world. They’re all very lovely, but here is not just a very kind thought from the Gestrument and ScaleGen team, but also a very early look at what’s coming!
“PalmSounds turns 10 years – and the Gestrument and ScaleGen team want to participate in the celebration of one of the most important sites around for mobile music. For me coming from the contemporary classical scene it was through sites like PalmSounds and Discchord that I discovered the world of mobile music apps.
After making Gestrument in 2012 and ScaleGen in 2014 we are in the middle of re-making our entire vision of how to play music on iOS and together with the amazing Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica) we are now developing Gestrument2 which is a completely new app that will be released later this year. As our present to PalmSounds we here give you the first public preview of our work so far. As you see there are now customisable sliders and x/y grids as well as multiple touch points (up to eight touch points, controlling up to sixteen instruments), but that is the least of the new features and possibilities! Stay tuned for more.
/Jesper Nordin
Now that looks like it’s going to be amazing …

Video: moodscaper v1.5 – Inter-App-Audio (IAA) demo with AUM

Video description:

“Here’s a quick demo of moodscaper running in an IAA host – Kymatica’s excellent AUM.

I started the demo from scratch with no apps running so you can see how I set things up.

The moodscaper sounds are dry (built-in effects disabled) to begin with and then I add some nice spacey stereo delay with AUFX:Dub in AUM.

I also record a little snippet in AUM while messing around with the filter, then play back the recording at the end of the clip.

IAA support is available in the v1.5 release – available soon / now!”

Video published by moodscaper.

Video Clawtar Range Switching Thirds

Video description:

“It is a video from quick start quide”

Video published by Dmitry Klochkov.

Clawtar on the app store:

Video: DM2 by Audionomy Impression Review – haQ attaQ 150

Video description:

“DM2 by Audionomy Impression Review! This app is awesome, so awesome I had to review it during my first impression of it.”

Video published by Jakob Haq.

DM2 on the app store:


Recollections of PalmSounds: Michael Tyson from Audiobus

Lovely to get this comment from Michael from Audiobus (and of course the developer behind Loopy and Loopy HD).

“PalmSounds is a true institution. I still remember when it looked like the end for PalmSounds at the start of 2012; we were all genuinely sad. It’s been lovely to see it forge ahead since. So here’s to the next ten years!”

Thanks Michael!

Recollections of PalmSounds: Alex Matheu

Many of you will know Alex Matheu from his excellent apps GlitchBreaks and Sliver. Sliver is a personal favourite of mine actually. So it was great to get these words from Alex …

“In 2009 I got an iPhone 3G, and being a musician, naturally I wanted to see what my new device could do. I started buying apps randomly, and started putting together songs on the go. This was quite a revelation to me, that I could write music away from my studio. A few months later I looked for like minded individuals and communities, and came across a little site named Palm Sounds. It was different, instead of just being slight bits of stale information, this site was healthy, packed with fresh news about this new music scene every day, and run by an incredible individual, Ashley Elsdon. Palm Sounds has run an incredible, indispensable corner stone of the mobile music app scene for 10 years now, 10 years! What an outstanding achievement.

Palm Sounds has been a daily routine for me, like reading the morning paper ever since I discovered it in 2009. Over the years I have started blogging, and developing apps as well, which has led me to be fortunate enough to get to know Ashley. He is super passionate about what he does, and is committed to bringing fantastic content to you, and contributing in many ways to the mobile music scene. I would like to commend Ashley and Palm Sounds for being here for us for the past 10 years, and I look forward to the next 10!

Happy 10th Birthday Palm Sounds!”

Video: PlayGround – LTGL – Accelerator

Video description:

“Playground is a new way to experience the music of artists from around the globe. Swipe and tap on the unique template objects and discover your path to musical expression. Fun and easy to use for beginners, become a real performer by growing your skills. Record and share your favourite sessions with your friends.”

Video published by Herrmutt Lobby.

Playground on the app store:

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