ThumbJam 2.5 brings Link and so much more

This is just a huge update for ThumbJam, which was already amazing and is now better than ever!

New Features:

  • Added Ableton Link support, along with time stretchable loops, so tempo can be changed at any time now
  • Added new arpeggiator feature, with multiple patterns and options. Playable on screen or via MIDI input.
  • Support for Audiobus Remote triggers, and updated Audiobus SDK
  • Now optimized for iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Pro, with slide-over and split view support on recent iPads
  • Added 3D Touch support on iPhone 6S/6S+ options for velocity, volume, and filter cutoff controls
  • Added static MIDI CC input bindings for many controls (see users guide in app for details)
  • Added touch velocity UI control separate from volume, useful for velocity layered patches
  • Added max pan width control and added random pan control option
  • Relocated split popup button for iPhone
  • Can now send midi volume for x-axis volume mode
  • Make x-axis velocity use more of the space, no more half width. (Can revert to old way in options)
  • Added support for importing Scala or SXML files inside a ZIP archive
  • Now changing presets from the main menu will override any multi-splits (preventing confusion). Changing instruments within a specific split can still be done from the splits panel.
  • Added new reverb type (made it default), added additional higher quality choice for original reverb too.
  • Updated LPF filter implementation
  • Added custom background image option
  • Added option to toggle visibility of note grid


  • fixed monophonic note hang issue via midi
  • fixed issue when being controlled by Geo Synth
  • fixed V.Inv Tilt pitch bend not saved/restored in preset
  • fixed shake vib with multi splits/slots
    fixed non vel-layered x-axis volume affecting velocity, but shouldn’t
  • fixed Use Key Pressure (Bend) option not displaying properly in midi options
  • improved/bugfixed accelerometer controls with multiple simultaneous instruments
  • fixed occasional mismatch between highlighted note and played one
  • fixed missing labels on some sliders in settings
  • fixed up IAA support
  • fix crash when selecting remote midi network hosts
  • make midi CC1 (mod wheel) input not affect volume or pan
  • fixed issue where saved midi loops were deleted
  • reduce chance of temporary recorded files accumulating in storage area
  • loop bounce/mixdown from Mixer now respects the “render reverb on mixdown option”
  • fixed loop position issues when saving and loading and rewinding loops

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