Recollections of PalmSounds: Hari from AC Sabre

I’ve really only known Hari for a short amount of time, but he is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I had the great opportunity of working with him at an event that we put on with SoundLab at NESTA in November last year where Hari showed his amazing AC Sabre app.
 So it was great to get this comment from him …
“PalmSounds is more than just a blog, it’s the hub of a whole burgeoning creative music genre. Ashley, who runs it, is a maven in the music tech world discovering and supporting new creators and companies and connecting them with each other and with the bigger industry players. The blog is the internet extension of his ever enthusiastic, knowledgable and friendly way of being. Happy anniversary PalmSounds! May you continue to grow and prosper….”
To give you an idea of what AC Sabre, although without seeing it it’s actually very difficult, this is a piece I’ve always been rather fond of which is a jam with the AC Sabre (then, SW Midi) and Omnisphere:

But for now you should check the AC Sabre site.

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