Video: Korg Volca FM polyphonic synth and Coffee Shopped DX Touch iOS App functionality and limitations

Video description:

“Korg is releasing a new 3 voice, 6 operator fm synthesizer known as the Volca FM. Fm synthesis was very popular in the 80’s with the Synclavier and, of course, the Yamaha DX7: one of the most popular synths of that decade. With 80s music experiencing a renaissance, Korg has made this affordable and fun Volca to bring the sound of the DX7 back into the spotlight.
I own a DX7, and like many others, have always found it difficult to program. However, Coffee Shopped’s DX Touch iOS App made it very easy to visualize exactly how fm synthesis works, and made it much easier to make my own patches. When I heard about the Volca FM, I wanted to see if it was possible to make DX Touch work with it. Check out the video to see the results, and don’t forget to subscribe! Also Check out our website to get free samples and Ableton Instruments, and stay in the loop with everything going on here at Expanding sound.
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Video published by Expanding Sound.

DX Touch on the app store:

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