Recollections of PalmSounds: Pierre Fontaine

Pierre Fontaine has been a great support to PalmSounds over the years. I’ve really enjoyed listening to his music and reading his comments

“PalmSounds was a real lifeline for me when I felt I had grown static in my music-making. PalmSounds opened up so many doors to me because I began to realize that small gadgets were perfectly usable as music-making devices.

I believe I started with the DS-10 for my Nintendo DS as well as using some programs for a Windows Pocket PC. When you began to feature what iOS could provide, my imagination went through the roof and I quickly acquired an iPod Touch. It was through PalmSounds that I learned about NanoStudio and Xewton Music Studio, two apps I continue to use to this day. My love for Nintendo devices has never really gone away and I produce just about as much music on my Nintendo 3DS as I do on anything else (though I’ve never really finished anything on the 3DS but it sure is fun banging out little sequences).

When you decided to stop PalmSounds a few years back, it was truly devastating. PalmSounds was always one of the first few websites I would check on a daily basis and suddenly it wasn’t going to be supported anymore. I was so grateful when you decided to continue covering the world of mobile music making even though I found myself drifting from the platform more and more as time went on and back to hardware solutions and synths.

Nonetheless, PalmSounds remains a valuable resource and I’m so incredibly grateful for everything that you’ve done to promote mobile music making!”

Here are some pieces by Pierre:

The Distance Between Here and Now (Korg Keys, Bass and Sample, Korg Monotribe and MicroSampler):

Modulation Cruise (NanoStudio on an iPad 2):

Xewton’s Bass (Xewton Music Studio on an iPad 2):

City Sounds (NanoStudio and Multitrack Recorder on an iPod Touch 2 and iPad 2):

MidEast Tension (Xewton Music Studio on an iPad 2):

Cosmic Dream (NanoStudio on an iPad 2):

Real Boss (Bliptronic 5000, Volca Keys and Monotribe, Jam Studio on a Nintendo 3DS):

Tick Tock (Xewton Music Studio on an iPod Touch 2):

OP-1 Counterpoint (Teenage Engineering OP1, which I’ve since sold off):

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