GeoComposer is another app for making sonic maps

I like the idea of apps that allow you to locate a sound or recording and make sonic maps, but to date I’ve not really found something that I like or that works for me, but I’m always interested in something new in this area, so sonicPlanet GeoComposer. I’ll be giving it a try out soon and I’ll let you know what I think. For now, here are the app details:

The GeoComposer is location based soundscape composition platform in form of an iOS app. It lets the artists, museums etc. freely create location based 3D soundscapes with the 3D sonic augmented reality technology of sonicPlanet.

Sound recordings for any purpose can be placed easily as sound objects at GPS coordinates with the GeoComposer editor interface and then can be uploaded with additional piece information to sonicPlanet server space.

You can navigate/walk on a physical space augmented with the 3D soundscape which contains the virtual sound objects. The interaction of the listener(you) with his location and orientation to these sound objects renders the 3D soundscape in realtime.

Each creator can have many pieces and he/she can see and edit only their submitted pieces. The users of GeoComposer can share their creations with the community by making their final editions available on the sonicPlanet GeoPlayer.

The GeoPlayer app which will list all the available works according the creator, genre or work name. Anyone who uses the sonicPlanet GeoPlayer app will be able to enjoy these Geo compositions.


As indicated on the manual, the example files for loading a piece;

Usage: Please register your name, e-mail and password at the login screen and also confirm the app can access your location info, which is indispensable for the operation of the app.

Hardware: A minimum iphone5S or higher model is needed along with stereo headphones.

GeoComposer on the app store (free):

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