Recollections of PalmSounds: Art Kerns

Art Kerns has brought us some truly great apps over the years, with FunkBox, Little MIDI Machine, and recently the excellent midiSTEPs and midiLFOs. So it was great to hear from him with this:

“The time I’ll always remember most with Palm Sounds and mobile music was 2010, when the iPad was introduced and then CoreMIDI came out later that year. The iOS music app scene was on fire with lots of new apps and accessories and possibilities and the sky seemed the limit. Palm Sounds was in the thick of the craziness covering everything, every day, when a lot of places were just dismissing the whole thing as a fad or a joke. By the end of the year Gorillaz had released an album made on an iPad, and now these apps weren’t a joke any more. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and kindness!”

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