Video: OP-Z Production Peek 1 (but no news on when)

Video description:

“Teenage Engineering is focusing all of its manpower to development of their up and coming, in production OP-Z. A groundbreaking little musical pocket machine, which also will come with a solution for visuals. Here’s a unique and intimate meeting with David Mollerstedt, one of the lead developers of the OP-Z.”

Video published by CuckooMusic.

Take Creative Vocal Recorder 2.2.4 has arrived

Here’s what’s new in Allihoopa’s Take Creative Vocal Recorder:

  • Activity log! See activity on your pieces, such as when someone has liked one of your songs, followed you or left you a comment.
  • Updated profile tab with more stuff. If you’re a fan of more stuff we recommend checking this out—you won’t be disappointed.
  • Improved Facebook sign-up and login stability.

Video: Launchpad for iPad // Get Physical with Hardware

LaunchPad on the app store:

Video: Launchpad for iPad | How to use Novation Launch Hardware

Launchpad for iPad on the app store:

Ninja Jamm 1.3 has arrived!


It’s been a year since the last Ninja Jamm update and now 1.3 brings some very nice new features to try out. Here’s what’s new:

  • Multi Screen Layout mode gives access to all functions at once (dbl tap on cogwheel icon)
  • Universal app
  • Works on Ipad Pro
  • 64-bit compatible
  • Various enhancements and fixes

Video: KORG DSN-12: Hard Times (Anthony Seeha Remix) – ruBRK

Video description:

“Here’s my remix of ruBRK’s Hard Times, which will be featured in his upcoming album Party Crashing. Please enjoy! =)”

Video published by Anthony Seeha.

Navichord 2.0.5 arrived

Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI virtual input
  • Improved MIDI sources detection
  • Chord sequence progress bar
  • Iwato scale
  • Preview video on the App Store page

Video: Greetings Mr. Fripp

Video description:

“Written in flight. Recorded on iPad. Played on GeoShred”

Video published by Jordan Rudess.

GeoShred on the app store:

GarageBand 2.1.1 arrives

So Apple have updated GarageBand to version 2.1.1. Here’s what’s new:

  • Quickly navigate long lists of Apple Loops using a new alphabetical sidebar
  • Use Multi-Touch to select multiple regions simultaneously in the Tracks area
  • Send songs as an audio file using AirDrop
  • Share GarageBand songs via Mail as uncompressed audio
  • Apply your own custom images to songs shared to YouTube and Facebook
  • Support for Shared iPad in iOS 9.3

Infinite Looper also gets the same treatment

Having just posted about the update to Aleph Looper, Infinite Looper gets the same treatment mostly. Here’s the detail:

Added in scale-based keyboards; in addition to the standard piano layout, you can now select keyboards based on many popular scales, or customize the notes as you like. The keyboard can also be transposed easily.

A bug which could cause dropped or stuck notes when using the internal synthesizer has been fixed.

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