Video: OP-Z Production Peek 1 (but no news on when)

Video description:

“Teenage Engineering is focusing all of its manpower to development of their up and coming, in production OP-Z. A groundbreaking little musical pocket machine, which also will come with a solution for visuals. Here’s a unique and intimate meeting with David Mollerstedt, one of the lead developers of the OP-Z.”

Video published by CuckooMusic.

Take Creative Vocal Recorder 2.2.4 has arrived

Here’s what’s new in Allihoopa’s Take Creative Vocal Recorder:

  • Activity log! See activity on your pieces, such as when someone has liked one of your songs, followed you or left you a comment.
  • Updated profile tab with more stuff. If you’re a fan of more stuff we recommend checking this out—you won’t be disappointed.
  • Improved Facebook sign-up and login stability.

Video: Launchpad for iPad // Get Physical with Hardware

LaunchPad on the app store:

Video: Launchpad for iPad | How to use Novation Launch Hardware

Launchpad for iPad on the app store:

Ninja Jamm 1.3 has arrived!


It’s been a year since the last Ninja Jamm update and now 1.3 brings some very nice new features to try out. Here’s what’s new:

  • Multi Screen Layout mode gives access to all functions at once (dbl tap on cogwheel icon)
  • Universal app
  • Works on Ipad Pro
  • 64-bit compatible
  • Various enhancements and fixes

Video: KORG DSN-12: Hard Times (Anthony Seeha Remix) – ruBRK

Video description:

“Here’s my remix of ruBRK’s Hard Times, which will be featured in his upcoming album Party Crashing. Please enjoy! =)”

Video published by Anthony Seeha.

Navichord 2.0.5 arrived

Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI virtual input
  • Improved MIDI sources detection
  • Chord sequence progress bar
  • Iwato scale
  • Preview video on the App Store page

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