Recollections of PalmSounds: Kalle Paulsson, Propellerhead Software

At times it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is having an impact or not. However, when you hear things like this from Kalle at Propellerhead it makes a big difference.

“I vividly remember listening to the Touch Sound podcast (featuring you/PalmSounds), when jogging through the summertime Stockholm countryside about 5 years ago, having just been offered a job at Propellerhead and trying to imagine what it would be like if I accepted it.

PalmSounds was of course a great resource to find out what the competition would be like, and then went on to be an instrumental part of the release of Figure and subsequent apps from us.”

Of course Figure was an instant hit and has gone on to be the mainstay of many mobile musicians. It remains one of the finest ways to introduce anyone to making music irrespective of their musical experience and I still use it regularly.

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